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Dolphins Fans Apparently Eschew Billboards

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hostile

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    Dolphins fans take to the sky to express anger over Jeff Ireland

    12/16/2011 12:25:01 PM

    Two die-hard Dolphins fans aren't happy that owner Stephen Ross fired coach Tony Sparano this week yet opted to keep General Manager Jeff Ireland and will take their message to the sky to show owner Stephen Ross according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

    On Jan. 1 against the Jets, the Dolphins' final home game of the year, they're taking their message to the sky.

    On January 1st, between 10 am and noon that day, an airplane hired by them will be flying around Sun Life Stadium with a sign:

    "Mr. Ross, save our Dolphins. Fire Jeff Ireland."

    The sign will cost $1,500, but they didn't have to put up much of their own money. Instead, they solicited donations on their popular fan blog Finsnation.com , and fans ponied up anywhere from $1 to $100 to spread the message that they want Ireland out.

    The plane is only allowed to fly around Sun Life Stadium up until an hour before kickoff.
  2. casmith07

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    That kind of hits home, considering a lot of folks here either liked or hated Ireland.
  3. Cajuncowboy

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    Can we get one for ourselves that says "Mr. Jones. Please fire Jerry."?

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