Dolphins/Redskins NFL Replay

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Temo, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Anyone else watching this right now? It's on NFL network and I'm just watching Zach Thomas, and was wondering if anyone else saw this, and what they thought.

    Just some stuff I saw:

    1. Still lays the wood and not afraid to put his body on the line. Sometimes a problem with older players... at least in this game, it wasn't a problem for him.

    2. Not very strong anymore, I saw guards push him off the point of attack on run plays up the middle a few times. However, it seems that Wade Phillips won't be using him to take on guards very many times. So we'll have to see on that.

    3. He can COVER real well. I saw him run fairly well on a deep in patter with Moss, and he covered Sellers/Portis out of the back field pretty well. Considering that Ware is probably our best cover LB right now (and he shoudl be rushing the QB, not covering)... this is what has me most excited right now.

    Any thoughts from anyone who's reviewed tape on dolphins games?
  2. theogt

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    From what I saw I wasn't impressed AT ALL. It was pretty depressing actually.
  3. Big D

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    That might've been due to the dolphins team and not just Zach. He was the leading tackler with 9 and 4 assists and a sack. He forced Campbell into throwing an int with good coverage underneath and is always around the play.

    Did he get blown up a few times by the linemen? Sure, but that'll happen from time to time because not all of the linemen in the 3/4 will be perfect in keeping them clean.
  4. Big Dakota

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    Hey, it took Akin only 3 weeks to match them numbers. :banghead:
  5. dcfanatic

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    He was ok. The thing that had me a little worried was that on the last drive where the Redskins win the game he was getting knocked around and looked a little lost.

    With an aging player the end of the game is where they suffer because they are physically drained which leads to mental lapses.

    I am not all that worried though because if he stinks it up I would hope Wade would be smart enough to throw Burnett out there as the starter and let Thomas man the Nickel job.

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