Donovan McNabb: "I was loved in Philadelphia" PFT

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Donovan McNabb: "I was loved in Philadelphia"
    I wonder what zoners think about this! Especially DC, Hostile, & Slade!
    Posted by Michael David Smith on June 30, 2010 2:54 PM ET
    Donovan McNabb was booed by Eagles fans the day he was drafted and shipped to the Redskins this offseason, but for the 11 years in between, he says he felt that Philly fans treated him warmly -- and that he won't feel motivated for revenge against the Eagles when he plays them this year.

    "I was appreciated in Philadelphia," McNabb said in an interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter. "I think a lot of that is overblown. I was loved in Philadelphia."

    McNabb said he has no hard feelings toward Eagles coach Andy Reid, who decided this year to replace McNabb with Kevin Kolb as the Eagles' starter.

    "Andy and I are good friends, we've been good friends over 11 years," McNabb said. "I wish him luck."

    McNabb said he hopes "the excitement, the big plays, the smile" are some of the memories he and the fans of Philadelphia can share -- even if many of those fans were smiling more when McNabb left than when he arrived.
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    Sure you were.
  3. cowboyjoe

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    well, he said he was; :D
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    This only confirms my thought that McNabb has always thought very highly of himself. He's pompous, arrogant, among other things, and less of the team player the media has always praised him for.
  5. Alexander

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    That should not be a secret to anyone who has paid attention and not listened to the nearly decade-long media apology for when he was "attacked" by Rush Limbaugh.
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    And he's full of it when he talks about there not going to be any revenge, etc. During his intro PC with the Skins he tried to say playing the Eagles would just be like every other game.

    Just more of fake McNabb acting like he's taking the high road.

    Fakest person in the league.
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    I don't agree. McNabb is no more arrogant than your average NFL quarterback.

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    Well hey Donovan, we love you here in Dallas as well. Especially after that air gutar dance that electrified all of Philly's gayla community.

    Hey Demarcus, please go show our good freind Donovan some love by welcoming him to Washington with your signature "I Love You" hug.

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    McNabb is not one of the good guys. My cousin built custom million dollar homes right in McNabb development...and he would drive by every morning not wave at anyone with his seat reclinded way back and hand overtop steering wheel like u might see teen drive a car. All the eagles in the area were polite and was common knowledge even amoung eagle players that McNabb was pompous.

    My experience with McNabb was working out at LA Fitness in Mount Laurel NJ...and McNabb was doing shoulder presses right next to me. He didnt make eye contact or even say hi to single why he would pick such a main stream place to work out and want to be left alone is beyond me.
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    I am sure that they will love him quite a bit when he returns this year.
  11. percyhoward

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  12. T-RO

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    I hear this nonsense a lot.

    Don't you get it? If a player says, hi, then all the sudden he's in a conversation with someone. Then more people are encouraged to come over to say hello. Then he/she is swarmed and can't enjoy a dinner, a movie, a date, a workout...whatever.

    Celebrities (including top football players) sometimes just want to be able to be out in the world like anyone else...and not feel obliged to everyone in the world.

    You have some people that are outgoing and like all the extra a Jerry Jones or Michael Irvin...and you have some people, like a Marion Barber, that are more private.

    Maybe a star player goes into an everyday gym to track a pretty woman he met. Maybe he was trying to promote the gym...he doesn't owe it to you to have any reasons that make sense to you.
  13. AsthmaField

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    He was mistaken, I think. The smiles he saw in Philly were from the Dallas, Washington and NY fans who live there.
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    I'm glad he's staying classy when talking about Philadelphia. It would be easy for him to throw the entire city under the bus, and he'd be completely justified in doing so.
  15. HoleInTheRoof

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    I'm sorry, but if my quarterback has a chance to win the Super Bowl, but he's literally choking on the field and hack receivers like Freddie Mitchell have to call plays . . . then he deserves all the grief he gets.

    McNabb is the epitome of a player that comes up small when it matters most. Keep clinging to that false "elite" lable, and fake "classy" attitude.
  16. Fletch

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    He's trying to say all the right things. But you know week 4, Skins at Philly, the Philly fans are going to be rowdy and ready to pounce.

    McNabb just doesn't want to stir the pot before that particular game.
  17. Muhast

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    The truth is his most memorable moments consisted of: walking down the sideline joking with T.O.

    Having that 13 second scramble and completion against us.

    Throwing up in the SB.
  18. wileedog

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    I disagree. I think he is way more insecure than your average NFL quarterback.

    And he tries to hide it by to over-compensating the other way.

    Seriously, what other QB in the league does that ridiculous dance crap coming into a playoff game?
  19. Hagman

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    What does it mean to be "loved" by Philadelphia fans? Do they throw AA batteries at you instead of those big D cells? When they boo you for a bad play do they extend only one middle finger instead of both? Or does it mean that they drop an "F-bomb" only every other time that they mention your name?

    I've browsed the Philadelphia News Eagles forum for many years, and the opinion on McNabb among their fans is very split. Many have wanted to get rid of him for years and are happy to see him go.
  20. T-RO

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    I agree. Sincere or not...he's saying all the right things.

    I have no idea what kind of person McNabb really is, and I don't think we posters have any clue.

    When we play against him he is a demon that I want to bottle and burn to a crisp. As a person I have nothing 'gainst the man.

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