Donovan McNabb: What a Tackler

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Roughneck, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Roughneck

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    Me thinks Donnie Boy been eating a little bit too much Chunky Soup as of late. Dude went earthquake before Bradie could really let him have it. That's a shame.

  2. Kilyin

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    Can't help but notice Roy has a smile on his face. We love you Roy.
  3. Roughneck

    Roughneck Active Member

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    Yes we do Roy and we all know what you were really thinking as you were running down the sideline:

    "Get out of the way Bradie. I want to see how this guy plans on bringing me down."

  4. Letemburn

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    Gotta give Donovan props though. Sports hernia and playing football is crazy! Hurts enough whentrying to play basketball with one.
  5. dc10

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    Donovan is lucky he really didn't get much of a pop, just pushed down, really, but could be really aggravating to that sports hernia... He's gotta learn the Dan Marino tackling method, just running out of bounds if there is a lead blocker. Actually, I bet he'd consider running OB if it was Roy Williams w/o any blockers!
  6. AbeBeta

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    How many QB's even try?

    You all sound ignorant for dissing him.
  7. mr.jameswoods

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    An inguinal hernia is an "indirect hernia" so the swelling protrudes through the inguinal canal. A direct hernia protrudes the abdominal walll. So you can see an inguinal hernia is more likely to be aggravated through running, turning your body to throw a pass, or by defenders grabbing in that area to tackle you, which is what he experienced most of the game. Falling and rolling on the ground is FAR LESS likely to seriously aggravate it. This is why I find it hard to believe that he supposedly aggravated it by being shoved.
  8. Holloway805

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    Yeah-- What he said.
  9. CliffnMesquite

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    It would have been more effective if he had his mom come down fron the stands and hit Roy with her purse. :)
  10. Grevus

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    It's funny how millions of dollars always seems to make things feel better.
  11. Grevus

    Grevus Member

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    Or maybe throw chunky soup at him. LOL
  12. jterrell

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    He was only trying to save the game. Yea most guys woulda just ignored him?

    Who sounds ignorant again?
  13. joseephuss

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    Isn't that picture just after Bradie pushes McNabb?

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    Say anything you want to about McNabb bbut don't be hating on his mama, only Eagle fans who boo people on a gurney would go that low..........
  15. Canadian BoyzFan

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    Maybe he re-aggravatted his injury with that gay-arse TD celebration.
  16. rynochop

    rynochop Well-Known Member

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    Thank you. I had an inguinal hernia a few years back that i put off surgery for, for about 6 months.

    It never hurt. Felt weird but never painful. I think using this as an excuse is a crock.

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