Donovan McNabb's Reaction to Romo's Contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I agree you shouldn't discuss anymore as you make no sense..
    Well you just summed up your knowledge and understanding of football in your last statement... Laughable at best ... Seriously .. Quincy Carter = Tony Romo
    Brett Favre = Mcnabb?!?!

    R u freaking kidding me??! Have you been drug tested lately?? Do you currently take excessive prescription medication...
  2. Death Star

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    5 quarterbacks have a career passer rating >95. Manning, Brady, Steve Young, Rodgers AND........Romo #Cowboys

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    What a complete and total idiot.:lmao2:
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    I couldnt agree more. McNabb is right. So many of you look at this team through rose colored glasses. Jerry can march out any POS on the field and you guys think he is great because he wears the star. The ignorant fan base enables Jerry to make moves like this. If you were real fans you would care about winning and doing whats right for the team. The guy is old and habitually chokes. We have one playoff win in 18 years!!! You guys not only except this but praise it!!! The state of the franchise is so sad right now.
  5. Ultra Warrior

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    Kelly played in 4 straight Super Bowls. McNabb 1. Keep trying.
  6. DallasDomination

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    So is anyone actually suggesting Romo is better than Prime Mcnabb?
  7. 03EBZ06

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    Because I always believed you are an eagles fan masquerading as a Cowboys fan.
  8. 03EBZ06

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    I knew you would because I always believed that you are an eagles fan masquerading as a Cowboys fan.
  9. Szczepanik

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    If anyone wants to point out Romo being a choke artist they should also remember McNabb could never bring back a superbowl victory either.

    he had a great team surrounding him, and a great coach. horrible fanbase.

    but still, no trophies.

    McNabb is like Romo. Both are statistical powerhouses right now.

    Hopefully Romo gets an o-line and gets it done!
  10. Sitting Bull

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    I'm a positive person. I try not to spend a lot of time hating on people. Life's too short. But I absolutely despise Donovan McNabb... As the opposing QB who got completely destroyed in Romo's "one playoff win," McNabb is the one person on the planet who should've kept his overrated, nervous dancing, big-game-choking maw shut on this news event. I can't believe what I'm reading. Even the anti-Romo crowd on this board should be able to agree that McNabb is a fool.
  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    In a very weak NFC for the most part. He has no business talking about chokers. He's one of the biggest.
  12. 03EBZ06

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    What I don't get is why would Mcnabb disparage fellow NFL QB and his success, in terms of finance, he absolutely have no reason to say what he said. It would have been so much better for him had he said, "Congrats T Romo for a great contract!".
  13. percyhoward

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    since 1960 (min 2500 att)

    Comp %
    1. Rodgers
    2. Brees
    3. Warner
    4. Manning
    5. Romo

    35. McNabb

    Passer Rating
    1. Rodgers
    2. Young
    3. Brady
    4. Manning
    5. Romo

    19. McNabb

    1. Rodgers
    2. Starr
    3. Young
    4. Warner
    5. Romo

    69. McNabb
  14. dragon_mikal

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    I said nothing about Romo...just stating the obvious about your hero McNabb. Judging by your reaction I must have hit a nerve, lol.

    Need to ask your fellow Eagles fans what they think about McNabb...most don't have a high opinion of him.
  15. cowboyvic

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    Playoff wins.

    Mcnabb-- 9
    Super Bowl appearances
  16. ilovejerry

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    Mcnabb should worry about his big fat head....Looks like its going to explode not about other peoples money....
  17. crashintonickdm

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    all the success the eagles had was because of that defense, and one of the worst slumps the NFC has ever seen.

    1-3 in NFC title games, with 3 of them being heavy favorites. if you think about that, its even more pathetic.
  18. ilovejerry

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    add in they got to the SB with the help of T.O who showed big-time in that game while Fathead was puking up his courage....Mcnabb....Shut up and disappear Your freaking LOZZZZZZZER
  19. dragon_mikal

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    This is a poor attempt at distraction. It is common sense that you cannot judge a player on certain accomplishments when there are multiple factors at work. There are 11 guys on the field with Tony Romo. There are coaches that think and prep differently on every team.

    McNabb played in a terrible division in a terrible conference with an outstanding RB and defense...something Romo has only briefly enjoyed in his career.

    LD Tomlinson was a running back that didn't win anything of significance and yet no on argues whether he was great or not.

    Adrian Peterson is one of the greatest players in the NFL right now and he has yet to win a damn thing.

    There have been a plethora of great players that never saw a championship or enjoyed any sort of success when it came to final accomplishments.

    This argument is old, meaningless and IMHO a copout. You want to argue whether Romo is a good quarterback or not do so with facts and not with vague stereotypes that hold no merit.

    Tony Romo is a better quarterback than McNabb ever was. How do I know this? I watched both of them play. Simple as that.
  20. ilovejerry

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    Dude you're actually trying to reason with an eagle fans. Don't waste your time typing ...they cant read anyway....

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