Donovin Darius Released

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    Jags release Darius, will rely on youth in defensive backfield

    By Len Pasquarelli

    Updated: June 14, 2007, 11:58 AM ET

    In a surprising move, the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday morning abruptly released starting strong safety Donovin Darius, a nine-year veteran and a player who started more games on defense than anyone in franchise history.

    [​IMG] Darius

    Darius, 31, is still rehabilitating from a broken right ankle that limited him to 10 games in 2006. Although he was unable to participate in the team's offseason program this spring, as he continued his recovery, it was believed that Darius was making good progress and was on pace to be ready for training camp.

    But the Jaguars informed Darius on Thursday morning that they planned to rely on younger players at safety and apprised him of his release. There likely was a financial consideration as well, since Darius had two seasons remaining on his contract, and was due base salaries of $3.5 million in 2007 and $4 million in 2008.

    The move means that Darius will immediately become a free agent when his name officially appears on the NFL's internal transactions document Thursday afternoon. It also means that Jacksonville will go into the 2007 season minus both starting safeties from a defense which statistically ranked 10th in the league in 2006. Starting free safety Deon Grant signed with the Seattle Seahawks as an unrestricted free agent earlier this spring.

    If he is healthy, or if other teams agree that he will be ready for the start of training camp next month, Darius should generate plenty of interest on the open market.

    Third-year veteran Gerald Sensabaugh, whose resume includes eight career starts and who is admired by the coaches for his physical style, is projected as one starting safety. Jacksonville chose former Florida safety Reggie Nelson in the first round of this spring's draft, and he will likely be the other starter. The Jaguars also added safety Josh Gattis in the fifth round of the 2007 draft and like his potential.

    Darius was the Jaguars' first-round choice in the 1998 draft and the former Syracuse star became an immediate starter with the team. He appeared in 115 games, all starts, and had a franchise-record 846 tackles, along with two sacks, 14 interceptions, 35 passes defensed, eight forced fumbles and six recoveries.

    Darius was noted more as a run defender early in his career, when his pass coverage skills were viewed as a liability and he was more effective playing close to the line of scrimmage. But he became far better on pass defense in recent seasons. Only twice in nine seasons, though, did Darius have more than three interceptions in a season. He totaled 100 or more tackles in six different campaigns.

    Darius was twice named as a franchise player in free agency and that seemed to reflect his value to the Jaguars at the time, and he is a two-time Pro Bowl alternate. But he played in just 12 games the past two seasons, and the recent injury history likely contributed to the decision to release him. In 2005, Darius missed all but two games after an anterior cruciate injury. Then, in 2006, he fractured his right ankle in a late November game. Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for


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    No, I don't want to get him.

    Replying to the inevitable.
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    I agree actually. Haha. Just wanted to see opinions.
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    Two replies, and mine being three, and nobody has said bring him in for a looksie.

    This may be a new record.:laugh1:
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    released for cap space....for culpepper
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    I think we already addressed that position I wouldn't want to throw any more there unless someone wasn't performing.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing him twice a year in your back field
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    With all that youth in the defensive backfield, their opposing QBs will be licking their chops. Manning, especially.
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    God.....I am arguing about this with Falcons fans. They seem to think he'd help alongside Milloy.

    They also seem to think Newman gets flagged for P.I. several times (because they've seen it) and that prevents Newman from giving up TD's.

    I actually went thru every game in the game tracker and found ONE Pass Interference call by newman against Tennessee.
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    I did'nt think of this but I think you :hammer: He was just franchised I think last year or the year before
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    No real need for him in Dallas...
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    Donovan (not McNabb) is this you? I'm not kididng here, I was in a fantasy football league with a guy named Donovan who was an Eagles fan. He drafted Donvan Darius as a RB. I told him he was a Strong Safety, and he still drafted him as a RB because he said he read where he was going to be starting in the Back Field.

    FYI, QBs, FBs, H-backs, and TBs, basically all of the RB genre, are in the "Back Field." DBs, as in CBs and Safeties, play in the secondary, or "Defensive Back Field."
  13. Hostile

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    They don't know that both are SSs? Smart group.
  14. Vintage

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    Thank you for the explanation about the defensive back field for the Dallas Cowboys....From now on, when ever I post, I will make sure to be very specific with my wording so that I dont recieve another verbal consultation on the positional groupings on the football field and the names they are called....Thank you and who is Donvan Darius? I didn't see him listed any where in the NFL Rosters or free agents
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    I love it when humor flies right over an opposing fan's head. I wasn't picking on you. I was making fun of a guy named Donovan who was in a FFL and used similar wording.

    You need more fiber.
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    :laugh1: When I seen the thread title, was debating skipping this. Because that was my first thought also....someone to say...bring him in...
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    agree 100%...terrible in coverage

  19. Facin'Fools

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    I'm full of fiber....the very fiber that makes america what it is today...opinionated.....I am constipated but how could you possibly know that?
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    IIRC, He didn't get flagged for a single PI in 2005. A few holding calls, but no PI.

    We should really take a close look at Donovan Darius.

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