News: Don't Buy Tour Packages From Maximum Sports Connection

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BlueStar3398, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Haha. This made me laugh. It's sort of true, though. I belong to SCDCFC (southern California DC fan club) and Los Borrachos Tailgating Crew (san antonio area). I live here, in Irving. LOL
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    I have never seen it.
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    It was on jumbo Jerry at the saints game, but you were probably too busy crying about how the season ticket holders around you sold their tickets.
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    oh that must be it.
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    Love you theebs!
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    Keep it up, then. Any Cowboy fan who sells a ticket to the enemy deserves to hear you cry about it. Shame on them.
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    im a broken record, trust me.
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    Travel service refunding money over Cowboys tickets it didn't have

    By Barry Shlachter, Sandra Baker and Jim Fuquay
    Star-Telegram Staff Writers

    Ronni Sokol, the owner of Farmers Branch-based Maximum Sports Connection travel service, told us she has good news for scores of angry customers, some of whom traveled from as far as Mexico and Canada to attend the Dec. 16 Cowboys-Steelers game only to learn that tickets they had purchased from Sokol did not exist.

    "We have submitted ALLLLLLL refunds," Sokol e-mailed us on Wednesday. "I do not know if they have all made it back to their credit cards. ... There were a few we had to refund by check."

    When we told her that Ed Lopez of Eagle Pass, who organized a party of 57 from northern Mexico and South Texas, said he had only received $1,548 of the $13,548 his group had paid, Sokol said that the rest would be forthcoming. And everyone will have gotten their refunds by Monday, she said. "I am giving everything back; Eddie will be paid in full," she said during a subsequent phone interview Sokol said she had told Lopez not to come to Cowboys Stadium since there were no tickets. "I have e-mails to prove it." But Lopez said Sokol's warning e-mail was sent at night and he didn't have a chance to check his e-mail account before he left. "She could have texted me."

    Otherwise, the entrepreneur took responsibility.
    "Listen, this wasn't done under malice. I can totally understand the backlash," she said, referring to numerous complaints and threats by some irate customers to take legal action.

    Then, it became hard to keep up with her mea culpas and apologies. Sokol, who has been in the sports travel business since 2000, put the blame squarely on herself. "I lost control of the game," Sokol said. "It was just me not being ready. I didn't realize how many we sold -- 120 reservations were put under a different game." At least 93 people did not get to see the game. Several dozen more accepted $29, standing-room-only, "Party Passes," instead of stadium seats for which they had paid hundreds of dollars.
    "It was a huge mistake and we're making huge changes in my company."

    What sort of changes?
    "For instance, money and the budget side will no longer be in my hands," said Sokol. An unnamed partner from Missouri has stepped in and hired a certified public accountant for three days a week, she told us.
    "We will right this. We will absolutely right this."

    Her Maximum Sports Connection had "earned" an F rating from the Better Business Bureau even before this episode for failure to adequately address customer complaints. And several clients from a similar 2010 football game screw-up say they still haven't been reimbursed, including an army lieutenant colonel serving in South Korea. Sokol promised Thursday that she'll look into those cases.

    Stay tuned.
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    Refunds not arriving

    Thelma Cortez of El Paso told us she felt immense relief on Monday when Ronni Sokol, owner of Maximum Sports Connection of Farmers Branch, assured her that a complete refund -- $1,398 for a Dallas Cowboys weekend game package that didn't exist -- was on its way via FedEx.

    Sokol even said she was looking at the FedEx tracking site as they spoke on the phone and told Cortez the money would arrive at noon Wednesday. Cortez thanked Sokol, and asked her to email her the tracking information.
    Neither the tracking number nor the check arrived.

    Several other customers who had bought ticket packages for the Cowboys-Steelers matchup Dec. 16 also were promised to be made whole by Wednesday. Yesterday came and went. And Sokol did not return our phone call and emails seeking an explanation.

    The game was a retirement gift that Cortez gave herself after toiling at Target for 24 years, and a treat for a niece, also from El Paso, to see her first NFL game. The 64-year-old El Pasoan was so upset when she showed up at the stadium and told that Sokol only had $29 standing-room seats, she had to take blood pressure medicine and walk away to regain her calm.

    Late Wednesday, Cortez called Maximum Sports and was told by an employee named Jesse that he had only gotten her refund check this morning, she told us. The FedEx tracking number he gave was real, showing an El Paso-bound package shipment had been initiated but as of Wednesday evening, had not been received by the parcel service.
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    So, she's been in business over 12 years and she had no accounting in place to know what she was selling. Holy smokes.
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    She's a crook, plain and simple. How she's still in business I'll never know. I wouldn't trust her with the money as a cashier at Walmart.
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    I have a feeling she won't be in business much longer...
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    She's a crook and a liar...
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    My wife reminded me of one more lie that Ronnie told us (the biggest lie). I seriously don't know how I forgot about this one.

    When I initially talked to Ronnie to get more information about the HOF package. I asked her if the tickets to the HOF enshrinment were field level seats. She said, oh yeah, they're VIP. The whole package is VIP.

    Well, guess what? The seats were sideline seats not field level seats. When I asked her about this, she simply said she never said they were field level seats. :mad:

    Be warned!! Hope you guys don't book anything with them.
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    All I see is spin spin spin...

    I will never use this company. Thank you for creating this thread!
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    That works if you're local, but coming from out of state and having a group of people to meet up and party with before the game is certainly worth a few extra bucks.
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    You would have to be crazy to buy a tour package from this woman! Now she's trying to do damange control and telling more lies. Can you imagine traveling across country and paying this woman all that money for your first Cowboys game experience only to be told, "Sorry. I overbooked"? Unbelievable she's still in business. She does this to people every year! :eek: And that Steelers game was quite awhile ago! She still hasn't paid these people thier money back!
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    I went to 3 games with Maximum Sports during the the 2012 season. I had truelly unbeleviable seats all 3 games. The pregame BBQ and post game food were good (not gret). Tons of beers and lots of good times. I had a good experiance the 3 times I used this company last year. No issues with anything and everythimg went smooth. Ronni was very nice to me and my 3 other guests and even took time to sit down and talk with us before the game and after the game. It sounds like they had some serious issues at that last game but I for one would use them again as my experiences were at the oposit end of the satisfaction scale.
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    First post? :rolleyes:

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