Don't forget, Cowboys/Eagles Game on NFL Network tonight...*replay thread*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFan28, Nov 17, 2005.

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    The knockout punch was when Akers MISSED the 61 yd fg try!

  4. lurkercowboy

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    I was disappointed that is was an Eagles storyline. I thought the winners got to write the histories?
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    But WG, if you watch the tape over, on the critical 3rd and two or three with four and a half minutes or so left, Canty makes a great play to shed his man quickly, run down the line, and make the tackle on the right (defense left) side of the line. Fujita played it well too to turn it inside, but without Canty they *might* have got that first down and run out the clock.

    And on the Game of the Week replay, I actually went to the sports bar last night to see it, but couldn't hear the sound. I loved it when Bradie (I think it was) gathered the D in a huddle after the Bledsoe INT... I don't know what he was saying, but that's some great leadership he's showing.
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    Aside from a few good play angles, this was a pretty bad Game of the Week.

    At one point, outloud, I said.."Uh hello, is there another team in the game other than the Eagles?"

    I know Parcells must be a maniac about not having cameras on the sidelines but this was ridiculous.

    Also, in all honesty, it wasn't "Game of the Week" material because the game was mostly a bore...until the end.

    A game with back and forth scoring, etc...that's a game which is better suited for the Game of the Week....dare I say, the Skins game for instance (which also had a great ending :) )
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    Will there be replay of this by any chance?
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    He was a rookie but I don't know his name...... They showed that same clip after the game on NFL Network Monday night...... I couldn't laugh out loud because my baby was asleep.....

    Watching it again last made me chuckle.....

    Kearse is a tird! :laugh2:
  9. Sportsbabe

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    NFL Network replays EVERYTHING all the time :D
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    Yes. They will replay it Saturday night at 11pm.
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    My favorite part was Eagles announcer Merrill Reece saying "I cannot believe they are booing Donovan McNabb right now" (or to that affect) and seeing this one Eagles fan going ballistic on McNabb.

    Oh, sweet joy.

    yeah Merrill, it's just IMPOSSIBLE to believe than an Eagles fan would actually boo their own team.

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