Don't forget Fran Tarkenton.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by big_neil, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Drew on Sunday passed Fran Tarkenton in Completions but I didn't hear Fran mentioned. Fran Tarkenton was the Marino before Marino - retiring #1 in Attempts, Completions, Yards and Touchdowns in NFL histroy.

    A HOF QB who was famous for his debut performance in 1961 that, while before QB rating, was over 166 (17/23 250 4 TD 0 INT).
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    After Tarkenton came the "class of '83" that featured Marino, Elway, Moon and Kelly. Testaverde was the next year. They all passed Fran during the same era in the mid 1990's, with Vinny limping along until age 50. Bledsoe and Favre were the next era, with P. Manning and Brady on pace to make it as well.
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    Us 'older' guys aren't ever going to forget Fran Tarkenton. He gave teams fits and watching him and those old film footages brings back great memories. It was a good time for football during that era. Loved Foreman too.
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    Foreman had that nice spin move...
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    MUCHO props to Bledsoe!! :bow: :bow:
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    Amazing to think that Tarkenton rushed for 3000 yards in his career too. To this day he still dreams he won the Super Bowl.

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