Dont forget to vote online for Emmitt!!!

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BigD_95, Sep 20, 2006.

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    I don't normally watch this program but I happened to catch Emmitt the other night while flipping channels.

    I'm sorry, but I was less than impressed. He seemed stiff and really lacked any semblance of rhythm. He had the steps down but he didn't seem to have any feel for what he was doing.

    I was embarassed for him. :eek::
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    I haven't seen any of Emmitt's dancing live, but I did go to Youtube (they have everything there!) and found his two dances. Not bad. He did better last week in my opinion, but he should beat out Jerry Friggin Springer!!! Right!??!?

    Emmitt week 2:
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    Like I said before, I haven't really ever watched the show, but if that is a representative sample, I haven't missed a thing. Emmitt reminds me of Peter Boyle tap dancing on the stage in "Young Frankenstein".

    " Puttin' on da Riiiiitzzzz"


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    I'm watching and supporting Emmitt.. I voted online and I did some of the call-in votes..

    Emmitt is wowing the judges and apparently, he is becoming an audience favorite..
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    Are you a professional to critique him. Or just your opinion.

    I know a professional dancer. She knows many of the dancers on this show. She ran her own studio for years. And she said Emmitt is doing great, looks very good for the short time they been practicing.

    They are not professionals, so they will look somewhat off and stiff, lack fluency. Now the 2 grown 'child ' stars, they probably had dancing classes as they grew up in the business, and should not be on the show. But I don't really watch it, so don't realy care.
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    There is no way in hell I vote Emmitt Smith the best dancer in some ******** tv show. I've been trying to avoid even seeing the clips of it because I'm afraid I won't be able to get the image out of my mind when I think of Emmitt Smith.

    If I were a Redskins fan (gak!), I'd be all over this. It's humiliating.
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    There's never been a Redskins player any of us bothered to hate enough that we would take the effort to log onto a website and vote against him has there?
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    From JFE's BLOG

    Still dancing with No. 22

    Two questions immediately sprang to mind when Dancing With The Stars, Part Deux kicked off Tuesday:

    1. Who thought billing this as "America's Most Brutal Ballroom Showdown" was a good idea? I mean isn't this America's Only Ballroom Showdown? Or are people getting together on random Thursdays in Colleyville and mamboing until somebody cracks? If so, why have I not been invited?

    And, 2. Who on this current Cowboys roster is most likely to "Dance With The Stars" when he retires?

    I'll get back to No. 2 in a second. Why I am spending my Tuesdays (and sometimes Wednesdays) blogging about semi-stars dancing with professional dancers (Do those jobs really exist? And does anybody think I have pro dancer in me?) was because the NFL's leading rusher, a Cowboy Ring of Honor inductee and a Triplet is participating.


    Yes, the man who I covered as he broke Walter Payton's all-time NFL rushing record is now mamboing (or quick-stepping, as it was sometimes called by the announcer dude Tuesday) his way back into fame. And Emmitt Smith can mambo, a dance described by announcer dude as a "wild and raunchy Cuban" dance, where dancers are judged on clever arm movements, fast steps, rhythmic hip actions and body rocks."

    Unfortunately, what made Emmy a good running back, his low center of gravity, worked against him in Mambo World. He looked very mediocre in practice and a little slow while actually dancing Tuesday but ... the judges loved him.

    One of the guys, and I still cannot tell them apart, said Em had "a natural license to thrill" while the kind of cranky chick actually looked at Emmy and said: "Would you mind if I called you twinkle toes? You are a fantastic dancer."

    Somewhere Jimmy Johnson has to be sick. Not to mention Nate Newton.

    Now Emmitt did not do a flying split like Saved By The Bell alum Mario Lopez, but Em obviously has a certain way with his feet. He received three "8s" from the judges. He also threw out an excuse, blaming the travel to and from Dallas. Please. Flying and mamboing is nothing compared to finishing a game with a separated shoulder -- which Emmy did.

    And for those of you taking this show very seriously, and being sucked in, does it seem like they are keeping Jerry Springer around just for shock value? Or comedic value? Or anything other than his actual dancing ability? Because the dude can not dance and is not nearly as good as everybody else.

    Anyway, back to my second question, I can one day see Terence Newman mambo-ing and cha-cha-ing and Charleston-ing with "Stars" He has plenty of personality and enough moves. Of course, the person I would love to see is Bill Parcells. He has spent so much of his life being so serious and so uptight that watching him would be fun.

    But this is about Emmy and he needs your votes. Keep Em alive and dancing by calling 1-800-VOTE4-05.

    p.s. One last thing, I am acting as the fourth judge. I gave Emmitt and his professional partner (what a strange turn of phrase, eh?) an eight as well. You go Emmy.

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    Is anyone else infuriated by "Emmy"?

    I dunno, but referring to the all-time leading rusher by a girl's name gets me more than anything she's said about the current team. Did people call Walter Payton Wally? Who does this broad think she is?

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