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    Before you kill Newman & Henry

    Well let’s just say I wanted to see for myself if Newman, Henry, and our entire secondary sucked so I Tivo’d the game and just watched back the part of the game where Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck torched us (supposedly)

    Before I get started, I just want you all to know that I’m not giving down and distance and receiver’s names or anything I’m just throwing this together so that you can see that what you saw is not what you’re going to get this year.

    1st pass: Hasselbeck completes a 16-yard pass to a slot receiver for a first down.

    Formation- Seattle: with a 4 WR package. (Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: 3-4 (4 lb)

    2nd pass: Hasslebeck completes an 11 yard pass to TE J.Stevens (the same TE that torched us all game until something special happened (I’ll get to that later.

    Formation- Seattle: 3 WR set. (Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: 3-4

    3rd pass: Hasselbeck gets sacked and stripped by Ware- he could not find a receiver opened.

    Formation- Seattle: Basic 2 WR package. (No Advantage)

    Dallas: 3-4

    4th pass: Hasselbeck escapes a Dat Nugyen blitz and completes a 4-yard pass to a WR.

    Formation- Seattle: 3 WR set (Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: 3-4

    5th pass: Hasselbeck completes a 24-yard pass to a WR over Newman.

    Formation- Seattle: 4 WR package Trips right (3 WR to the right)

    Dallas: Nickel (1 CB short) (Advantage Seattle)

    6th pass: Hasselbeck completes a 14 yard pass to the TE Stevens straight up the middle with Dallas playing a zone and our safeties too deep.

    Formation- Seattle: Basic 2 WR set. (No advantage)

    Dallas: 3-4

    7th pass: Hasselbeck completes a pass to a RB loss of 2 yards.

    Formation- Seattle: 4 WR set Trips right (Big Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: Still a 3-4

    8th pass: Hasselbeck completes an 8 yard touchdown to a WR with the cowboys playing a Zone coverage on the 6 yard line and rushing only 3 linemen.

    Formation- Seattle: 4 WR set Trips right again (Big Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: still a 3-4

    9th pass: Hasselbeck completes a 12-yard pass to this same TE, Stevens.

    Formation- Seattle: 2 WR set. (No advantage)

    Dallas: 3-4 with Singleton covering, will he even be in the game in the regular season?

    10th pass: Hasselbeck completes another 4-yard pass to the SAME TE Stevens.

    Formation- Seattle: I couldn’t see the formation courtesy of ABC.

    Dallas: Guess? 3-4

    11th pass: Hasselbeck Again another pass to the TE Stevens however, instead of Singleton in coverage it was Ware which was intercepted.

    Formation- Seattle: 3 WR set with a TE (Advantage Seattle)

    Dallas: 3-4

    12th pass: Hasselbeck pass to a WR on Henry 7yds.

    Formation- Seattle: Basic 2 WR package. (No Advantage)

    Dallas: 3-4 Henry played 7 yards off the line and it was a quick drop pass.

    13th pass: Hasselbeck quick 6 yard out pass completed to a slot WR Singleton (A linebacker) covering on the play. (Second burn today)

    Formation- Seattle: Basic 2 WR set but Twin right set. (Advantage Seattle since we had LB covering a WR on that play)

    Dallas: 3-4

    14th pass: Hasselbeck incomplete pass to the SAME TE Stevens -Davis nearly takes his head off.

    Formation- Seattle: Base 2 wr set (No Advantage)

    Dallas: 3-4

    15th pass: Hasselbeck incomplete screen pass-Dallas Blitz

    Formation- Seattle: 3 WR Set. (No Advantage)

    Dallas: OMG, we actually match up with a Nickel package.

    So as you can see out of the 15 passes, 7 times we were in a mis-match coverage advantage Seattle. We had LB playing WR’s, and slowish LB playing a fast TE.

    1 time Newman got burned on a 24 yard in route across the field, and Henry got burned once when he was playing 7 yards off the line on a quick hitch pass. So I would not panic, Parcells was obviously not trying to match up against their 4 WR & 3 WR packages; he was just trying to see his 3-4 in action.


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