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Don't Knock it, Mock it

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BAT, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,049 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received

    CB Cortland Finnegan TEN
    DE Adam Carriker WAS
    C Olin Kreutz NO
    OG Brandon Keith AZ
    FB Peyton Hillis CLE
    KR Yamon Figurs / Johnny Lee Higgins
    LB Julian Peterson


    1st LB Vontaze Burfict / DE Quinton Coples
    2nd OLB Bruce Irvin
    3rd QB Brandon Weeden / CB Coryell Judie
    4th TE Lardarius Green
    5th OG Amini Silatolu
    6th CB Josh Robinson
    6th FS Kelcie McCray
    7th C Rodney Austin
  2. Dash28

    Dash28 Felis silvestris catus

    9,516 Messages
    2,554 Likes Received
    Don't like the 1 and 3 picks.

    Burfict at 14 is way too high and he's a walking penalty that doesn't get it

    Weeden is too old.

    I do like the TE a lot.
  3. MarionBarberThe4th

    MarionBarberThe4th Well-Known Member

    13,486 Messages
    1,394 Likes Received
    Olin kreutz?

    Can I have Andre Carter instead of Julian Peterson ?

    Love the Bruce Irvin pick.

    Ladarius green is an interesting name I haven't seen mocked by anyone yet
  4. cowboyschmps3

    cowboyschmps3 Well-Known Member

    4,053 Messages
    698 Likes Received
    like the free agent list
  5. TheDallasDon

    TheDallasDon AegonTheConqueror-Now bend the knee

    2,881 Messages
    399 Likes Received
    He has been in all my mocks this year
  6. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

    40,206 Messages
    11,863 Likes Received
    Way, way, way too many free agents.

    The actual number won't be anywhere close to that.

    Highly question the mock.
  7. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

    24,188 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Like the draft pretty well, but 7 free agents?? Is that realistic??

    Back to the draft, I think Weeden and Silatolu will go earlier than you're forecasting, but I really like your 7th round pick, the big center out of tiny Elon... good call there, I'm hoping the Boys pursue him if he goes undrafted...

    Among the free agents, I wouldn't mind seeing Johnnie Lee Higgins in a Cowboys uniform, if only because he went to UTEP, and I did too... :D
  8. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,163 Messages
    3,817 Likes Received
    Interesting but I'm not a particular fan of several of the FA's or draft licks. Brandon Keith is terrible, didn't even play offensive line on college. Not sure why Hillis would want to play FB either. Also Kreutz retired, he's done.

    I do think Irvin might have something, not sure he can play every down though. I also like Finnegan as a FA.

    Not sure why people say this number of FA's is ridiculous, Jerry said we may be losing lots of players, right? We only have 7 picks, and you just know maybe 4 of those will actually do anything, if that.
  9. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Zone Supporter

    10,032 Messages
    1,924 Likes Received
    So hard to judge these things in January, but they are fun to think about. Appreciate the effort!
  10. dboy214

    dboy214 Benched

    3,122 Messages
    0 Likes Received
  11. egn22

    egn22 Well-Known Member

    1,537 Messages
    1,087 Likes Received
    i like the 1st pick! I think Burfict's stock is gonna sky rocket after the combine
  12. Oh_Canada

    Oh_Canada Well-Known Member

    8,167 Messages
    2,144 Likes Received
    If Silatolu is available in the fifth rd and the Boys' get him....I'll eat my kids diaper.

    Having said that....he and McClellin are my pet cats, so any mock with either included makes me happy.
  13. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,886 Messages
    3,027 Likes Received
    Why would we sign Petyon Hillis?
  14. davidl

    davidl New Member

    23 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Olin Kreutz sucks...and is retired. Did so in midseason when he was about to be benched.
  15. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    9,396 Messages
    5,248 Likes Received
    Is this Free Agency plan circa 2009?

    Also, I am on the Burfict bandwagon but, even if we get a good CB in FA we should draft another one in the first two rounds.
  16. Bigdog24

    Bigdog24 Well-Known Member

    2,653 Messages
    829 Likes Received
    Like the Peyton Hillis FA pick up.....he could be a good #2/3 if the price is right...He can pound the rock and get those tough yards when needed....

    Just not sure who about Felix..his cap numbers are going up and his health is a major question every year....
  17. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,049 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received
    Cowboys need a vet w/a nasty disposition and notches on his belt at the pivot. Someone who can hold this young OL, especially the interior, accountable, especially in big games. If not Kreutz, then Matt Birk or Nick Hardwick.

    And Julian Peterson can play ILB or OLB, Carter is best suited as a 4-3 DE. Not multiple enough for Rob Ryan's scheme.
  18. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,049 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received
    Felix is also a FA next season. Hillis would add another playmaking threat at FB, running or receiving. Hillis was also a much more physical lead blocker than Fiametta.
  19. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,049 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received
    Guy was injured all of last season. Payton wanted him back, was surprised when he retired. Should be healthy this season, if he is still interested in playing.
  20. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,049 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received
    There was speculation that there would be as many as 30 players on the roster who would not return. In any event, Jerry can afford more FA's if he spends wisely. There was great value available, if he was not so blinded by the big names: Cullen Jenkins, Daniel Manning, Brian Waters, etc.

    CB Cortland Finnegan TEN
    DE Adam Carriker WAS
    OLB Robert Mathis IND
    WR Laurent Robinson DAL
    FB Tony Fiamettta DAL
    C Olin Kreutz NO
    OG Brandon Keith AZ
    KR Yamon Figurs / Johnny Lee Higgins
    LB Julian Peterson


    1st LB Vontaze Burfict / DE Quinton Coples
    2nd OLB Bruce Irvin
    3rd CB Coryell Judie
    4th TE Ladarius Green
    5th OG Amini Silatolu
    5th FS Harrison Smith (Trade both 6's to move up)
    7th C Rodney Austin

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