Don't see the big deal over chip and the eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by theranchsucks, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. theranchsucks

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    I just don't see it.....I don't see anything special about this offense. To me it seems if you look to stop the run no matter the formation and blitz often there is no reason why you couldn't get stops. Just don't see the big deal.
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  2. 187beatdown

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    Contain McCoy, win the game.

    His schemes aren't anything new, I don't know why he's getting over hyped.
  3. onlyonenow

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    sure looked very ordinary in the second half.

    Fact is that he does not have the bodies to make that offense work. and the older NFL players do not have the energy of those young kids he is used to.

    Amazing how many so called experts have not figured that out.

    And this is early in the season when the players are still relatively fresh. what happens in December when they are worn down?
  4. maxdallasfan

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    McCoy's knees will be shot by week 3. That's why Reid never over worked him.

    Their offense will be shot by week 8. They won't win more than 6 games.

    Let Chip bask in the spotlight of the Philly idiots for a week or two. It'll come crashing down pretty soon.
  5. dmq

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    Vick is already gimpy. I honestly think Monty's style of defense will be a good fit against this offense. The Redskins just looked slow to react. I will say that the Philly OL looks pretty good.
  6. morasp

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    Hurry up offense isn't new. Kelly and Bills ran it in the seventies. We beat them twice in the super bowl. If you can force a three and out it doesn't give their defense much of a rest.
  7. Smith22

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    Speed, Speed, Speed. You have to stop McCoy and keep blitzing and hitting Vick.
  8. maxdallasfan

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    We beat Buffalo every year because Jimmy had the fastest defense in the NFL. His front 4 were big anchors, and the back 7 could all fly around to the ball.
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    Unfortunately, I liked what I saw. And unfortunately, the league takes about a year to finally adjust to anything different.

    I do think we saw some of the weaknesses of the scheme. The QB can't get the defense to jump into their coverage shells or show their blitzes. If the defense can get on the same page quickly, throw a joker blitz...things can happen. And I wonder if McCoy can handle that many carries and Vick is just going to get hit repeatedly.

    I was actually quite impressed with Philly's defense. I think their secondary, outside of Cary Williams, has some major flaws. People think our safeties are bad...the Philly safeties make Will Allen look like Paul Krause.

  10. SkinsHokieFan

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    I really enjoyed watching it (even at the expense of the Redskins) but you could see in the 2nd half McCoy and Vick wearing down in particular.

    81 plays against an NFL defense is going to be very hard to sustain week to week.
  11. SkinsandTerps

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    The way the Redskins performed offensively in the first half... they were lucky to still be in the game at the end.

    Eagles came out swinging, and held on defensively. The Redskins looked sloppy for the entire first half.

    That offense is going to kill Vick. He was limping by the third quarter. But it was fun to see it in real action.

    Gruden was especially excited about it (it seemed).
  12. Risen Star

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    They had the Redskins befuddled in the first half and built a huge lead. Then the Redskins adjusted at half time and dominated the 2nd half. If they play the game again today, the Eagles lose by two touchdowns.

    The more teams see that offense the less effective it will be.
  13. Risen Star

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    We were two deep with top talent at each DL position and we kept rotating in fresh players.

    That is why Buffalo's offense couldn't handle them. It had nothing to do with the secondary.
  14. erod

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    Here's why I wouldn't worry about the Eagles too much (who I thought would be good early in the season):

    1. There's no way that team can keep that pace for 16 weeks. Other teams only have to do it once (twice for divisional opponents). The Eagles are going to do that EVERY week, which means a LOT more plays on their offense AND defense, and much more chance of sustaining injuries, not only because of volume of plays but fatigue as well. Tired players get hurt.

    2. The Redskins offense was putrid last night. They handed Philly the game early, and RG3 was awful. He wasn't ready to play.

    3. The Eagles only scored one touchdown the second half.

    4. Vick already yanked a groin and took some shots last night. He looked like a tired, old man late in that game, and this is only Week 1.

    5. Film. Teams will get a better handle on them with a few games of film on them. And that speed they showed will slow down as the season wears on. I don't see Vick and McCoy finishing this season healthy at all. Both could be out by midseason, and Foles can't do this.

    6. That's a bad Eagles defense, so no matter how many points they score, they will always be in danger of losing.

    Lastly, I think Chip Kellly knows how to stop the read option, which is partly why the Eagle defense was successful early. Teams could take that and turn it against the 49ers, Seahawks, and Redskins. Thanks, Chip, for that.
  15. SkinsHokieFan

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    Ross Tucker made a great point in a tweet this morning.

    Kelly had 85 scholarship players and could rest his 1st teamers in blow outs during the college year.

    Having his offense run 81 plays+ is the equivalent to 20-24 games, with 53 players, and as we saw last night, a close game at the end (thusly VIck was running out getting beat up in the 2nd half)

    I enjoyed the heck out of seeing what they did, I just question how you can sustain that pace with an NFL roster going up against NFL defenses for 16 weeks.
  16. Future

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    Thats the kind of offense that wont work if you can get a lead. The Eagles are either going to play a bunch of shootouts or get blown out. Not a formula for consistent success, imo.

    Also, if Chip is the reason that Vick is out lead blocking, its a really dumb offense. He's already hurt, and he's asking Vick to take even more hits. Not a good idea.
  17. Sonny#9

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    And this is why I really did not want to play the Iggles in the 1st week. Haslett was clueless...even more clueless than usual!
  18. SkinsFan28

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    And not give them the ball in your own end. Out of 14 possessions, 4 started on the Skins side of the field, they scored on 3 and punted on 1. On the ones they started on their side of the field, out of 9, they fumbled 2 times, had 5 punts, 1 FG, and 1 TD. (1 possesion was the kneel down).

    On the Skins side, 1 possession started in Eagles territory, and they scored a TD. Of the other 12, 10 started at or inside the 20, one started at the 21. One was a missed FG. If we make that, at the end we are looking for a go ahead FG to win.

    The Skins lost this one, the Eagles and Kelly didn't win it with some new and special secret.
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  19. BraveHeartFan

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    That pace is not going to do his players any favors as the season wears on.

    Vick and McCoy will wind up absolutely shot.

    Exactly. The more they do it the more effective the defenses will become at stopping it.

    The Redskins did a fantastic job of adjusting at halftime and absolutely dominated them the second half. The future opponents of the Eagles will make note of this. It's going to be very tough on Chip Kelly to continue with that stuff.

    Just as a side note the overhype here of Kelly reminds me a bit of how they did with Steve Spurrier when he came out and blew the doors off the NFL in the first game with the Fun and Gun and then....nothing. I wouldn't be shocked, in the least, to see the same type of stuff happen with Kelly and his offensive system.
  20. Yakuza Rich

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    McCoy's 31 carries seem to be the most problematic. He's on pace for 496 carries this year.

    As a Syracuse fan, I saw them use this offense last year under Marrone. The big thing for them is that they had 3 tailbacks that would split the carries fairly evenly. They also didn't really use a Read-Option or a Zone Read because they had Ryan Nassib who has average mobility. If you're using Read-Option and Zone Reads, the QB is going to get hit a lot more.

    I think Chippah understood that and that's why he drafted Barkley. But, like a friend of mine said...Vick running the ball is fool's gold and it won't last for long.


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