Don't sleep on the Saints..

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CowboyWay, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. CowboyWay

    CowboyWay If Coach would have put me in, we'd a won State

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    They are 4 and 4 right now, and playing pretty damn good ball. Take a look their schedule...........

    Tampa Bay

    Talk about soft. They could VERY easily win out and go 12-4. Brees has been on fire.

    Either way, they are winning that division, no doubt about it.

    Am I the only one who would rather chop off a toe than face them in the playoffs? Remember what they did to us last year? Sean Payton still knows our personnel better than any other coach out there.

    Don't want to hit the panic button, but I'd be lying if I said they don't scare me at all.
  2. ZeroClub

    ZeroClub just trying to get better

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    Frankly, I hope the Cowboys have a playoff game against the Saints.

    After last's years loss, I'd love to see the Cowboys return the favor and beat the snot out of them.
  3. Ren

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    Not worried about them their D is very poor and our loss last season had just as much to do with BP failure to ajust as it did their O
  4. CowboyWay

    CowboyWay If Coach would have put me in, we'd a won State

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    Well if Brees and Bush don't put at least a little bit of fear in you guys, you must have icewater in your veins.

    All I remember was a world class arse whooping when they played us last year.

    I can think of about 15 other teams in the NFC I'd rather face in the playoffs than the Saint's.

    We'll see what happens........
  5. burmafrd

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    Aints are the beneficiaries of a weak schedule. Their D is not that good, their O line is over rated, and Bush is NOT an every down back. Brees has been playing out of his mind, but that cannot last.
  6. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like.

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    Bush is a poor man's Westbrook. I could see us playing them with a similar gameplan that we used against the Eagles and it being highly effective.

    Their defense doesn't stand a chance against our offense.
  7. AbeBeta

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    The Saints schedule was a little front loaded -- they could very well end up with 10 wins this year.

    I don't see them as being able to go too far through b/c the loss of McAlister really hurts their ability to pound the ball - I think Bush is a great player but he will have to be part of a "thunder and lightning" type rotation to be his most effective.
  8. BoysRule2

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    They've actually been pretty good-only allowed ONE 100 yd rusher this year, and that was Joseph Addai in wk1.
  9. Nors

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    Saints ills are a poor secondary.....

    They are starting to click again on offense.
  10. BoysRule2

    BoysRule2 Benched

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    True-but Roman Harper's presence alone makes it look decent. He was sorely missed last year when he went down(they don't give up many big pass plays with him).

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