Don't Tell The Aliens We're Here, Stephen Hawking Says; They Might Not Be Friendly

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    By Mark Memmott

    So, the world's most famous astrophysicist has some advice about whether we should or shouldn't try to make contact with creatures from outer space:

    Don't do it, Stephen Hawking advises.

    It would be much better for humans to keep a low profile, he says. There's a good chance we don't want aliens to come calling, Hawking says, because they very likely wouldn't be the cuddly, ET types we hope for.

    "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," Hawking warns in a new Discovery Network TV series.

    Basically, as the BBC says, Hawking fears "aliens might simply raid Earth for resources, then move on."

    And, yes, Hawking does think there is other life out there somewhere.

    Well, what do you think?
  2. Jon88

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    I'm sure they know we're here.
  3. HoleInTheRoof

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    They're here. And they're taking our jobs!
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    Of course I do. I post on this damn message board don't I? :laugh2:
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    This would explain the sudden shortage of A-1.
  7. vta

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    Maybe you can quell Stephens fears. He seems to have an apocalyptic outlook on the whole thing. :laugh2:
  8. vta

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    He hasn't seen Independence Day.
  10. Signals

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    Well, it all makes sense. I'm sure aliens would be about as useful as bears at a camp site.

    What do you think, Leotis?
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    Theyyy toook ourrrr joooooobss!
  13. Phoenix

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    Oh, I don't know...this could work out well for us.

    Alien: "We have come to eat all your mosquitoes, cockroaches, and termites. Try to stop us and we shall obliterate your planet after we eat them anyway. Oh, and Redskins fans too." :laugh2:
  14. Gzus

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    Any aliens coming here would take hundreds of years to get here. So even if we make contact with them it'd take em probably 200 years to get here, so I ain't worried.
  15. ajk23az

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    What if someone made contact with them hundreds of years ago? And the countdown is nearing its end!
  16. Gzus

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    It depends how far the aliens are from us. Say for instance, if they are 300 light years away then it would take 300 years for us to receive the message and an additional 300 years for them to receive our response. If they were to decide to make the trip to here moving at the speed of light it would take them an additional 300 years to get here (can't move faster than light, and many believe you can't travel at the speed of light b/c it would take infinite energy which atm is impossible). So in total for us to get their message, for them to receive our response and then travel all the way here it would take them a total of 900 years to do so. And that's being optimistic that they are 300 light years away. Btw 600 years ago we didn't have the technology to receive any kind of signals from them, let alone 200 years ago. The closest goldilocks planet from here is about 200 light years away. Essentially the distance and the time it takes to travel those distances would make it improbable that alien life forms visit our planet out of all the millions of planets in the universe.
  17. Jon88

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    Some claim that it's possible to use wormholes and travel from one galaxy to the next. We don't know how to to it yet, but it's possible.
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    Take them 200 years according to us. According to them it wouldn't be long at all provided they are moving close to the speed of light.
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    To think that we are smart enough to KNOW that FTL travel is not possible is even more arrogant then Extreme Skins.
  20. CanadianCowboysFan

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    what if you travelled through time and ended up back at the Planet of the Apes?

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