Don't underestimate Brunell

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbgun, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. bbgun

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    Last year, his best game by far was against Dallas. Brunell threw for 325 yards on 25-of-43 passing, with two touchdowns. Nor do I see Bled racking up two big games in a row, since the Skins D is formidable. We gotta shut down Portis and make Brunell and the smurfs beat us.
  2. dallascowboysfan31

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    brunell will not survive our new pass rush
  3. Funxva

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    My grandma could have passed on our secondary last year.
  4. WV Cowboy

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    Don't underestimate Brunell, or the Skins, ... and also don't forget we came within an inch of losing the SD game.

    We could be 0-1 very easily.

    So while we are all very happy, (and if you watched the game, releived) that we won, let's not get all cocky so fast.
  5. burmafrd

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    Don't underestimate our chances of working Brunnell over a lot more then last year, either. He has a weaker WR cast, and we are better in the secondary. They got open quickly last year- they won't this time. He will have to hold onto the ball longer, and Glover, Ware and company will be ringing his bell.
  6. scottsp

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    Not that I think Dallas is good enough to "look past" any team.

    As a fan, I am allowed. I have little respect for what Mark Brunell is at this point of his career. Not to mention, I feel a lot better about the Cowboy defense these days. I don't think I could be any less worried about a game than this one.
  7. Canadian BoyzFan

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    If we don't take them lightly and play even close to our potential....we should win the game by a touchdown.

    That's why games are played and not conceded.....still gotta go out and play for 60 mins.

    I'm starting to sound like a cliche machine.
  8. Skins26

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    :laugh2: @ weaker WR cast
    Moss > Coles
    Patten > 50/50
    Trust me, our WR core has been upgraded.
    What he doesn't have however, is the chemistry our WRs were growing with Ramsey. We'll see how all this plays out. If Brunell comes close to last years numbers'd be a miracle.

    ...and miracles happen everyday don't they :)
  9. Eddie

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    Words of wisdom and caution ... which I've been preaching all week. Mostly to deaf ears.

    The cockiness around here astounds me. Some are predicting we beat the Skins by 40+ points. These were probably the same guys prediction 40+ point Cowboys blowout in the Pickle Bowl.

    Let's not get in over our heads. We won one. Enjoy. But we're not quite the elite team everyone now things we are.

    Skins can easily beat us. Give them credit and don't overlook them.
  10. dmq

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    Who cares if we are cocky. We don't play the game. Parcells isn't gonna let the players get cocky. I would really be bumbed out if we lost. I watched the Redskins game last week. They aren't very good. I didn't see our game. I just think we will come together as a team and look better week to week. To me it seems like the Redskins are falling apart.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    What makes you think the Redskins won't come together as a team and look better week to week???
  12. bbgun

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    There is no controversy or divisiveness at Redskins Park this week. Most of the players are in favor of this change and do play better for Brunell. They are not a distracted team.
  13. Kittymama

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    I don't think anyone is underestimating the Skins. Most importantly--Parcells & his crew aren't. The local broadcasts are showing interviews with the Dallas players, & they sound just like Parcells. "We've got a lot of work to do. We made too many mistakes. We have to improve on special teams." You better believe that Parcells wants to beat Gibbs just as badly as Gibbs wants to beat Parcells. He may not telegraph it as desperately as Gibbs, but BP full well knows that this game is a biggie for Dallas fans & JJ.
  14. dmq

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    I just didn't see much talent on the offensive side of the ball. I think their RB is overrated. Brunnel doesn't really strike fear into me. I am from NY and watch lots of Jets games and am not overly scared of Moss. Oline is pretty average. Cooley is OK, but he is no Witten. Put that all together and add offensive schemes that are so vanila and I see a team that aint going anywhere.
  15. Duane

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    And you know this how?
  16. Hiero

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    yep, last year we had one of the worst pass D's in the league, this year our entire defense is overhauled and much approved, i can guarantee brunell will not have anywhere near the game he did last year. book it.
  17. wileedog

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    Meh, I'd call them equal at best, and only because Coles has had injury issues. Moss is fast but he's traditionally been adverse to the middle and his hands aren't as good.

    The Jets know both receivers better than you or I ever and will, and its clear which one they wanted.

    Furtheremore, lets not forget this was the game that Pete Hunter went down. Not that he was Deon Jr., but his replacements were two late round/UFA rookies without a clue what they were doing. I don't think its coincidence that Brunnel only threw for 21 in the 1st Q, then in the 2Q after Hunter went down threw for 89, then 225 in the 2nd half.

    Lastly, it should be recalled we sacked Brunell 5 times in this game, 2 of those sacks from Canton-bound Tony Dixon. And that 120 or so of Brunells 325 yards came after the Cowboys were up 21-10 with 5 minutes left to go. The team clearly went into coast mode (as they did with the rest of the season).

    Brunell might be better this year, but honestly that game doesn't scare me. He completed nothing over 20 yards until the 4th Q and he did against a crappy secondary and the likes of Marellus Wiley rushing him. Joey Harrington put up 255 and 2 TDs on us last year too.

    I'm more worried about keeping Bledsoe upright against their defense than anything. If we can do that we'll be ok.
  18. bbgun

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    Because I live in DC and listen to all the radio and TV shows. If there was an insurrection, it would have leaked out by now.
  19. Sportsbabe

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    Yeah, that poster needs to recognize, this ain't last years Cowboys. We've got DB's who know how to play the football this time around. I'm scared of Brunnell like I'm scared of the Redskins the past 5 years ... not at all :dissskin:
  20. Henry

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    Your defense certainly looked better last week than it did last year.

    Then again, so did our OL. Our pass protection was much better, and our run game was MUCH better. That overrated system back Clinton Portis averaged 5.8 yards a carry, far higher than he averaged in any game last season. Jansen and Rabach are making a big difference so far.

    Our defense picked up exactly where it left off, holding the Bears to 2.3 yards per carry. Kyle Orton, who the announcers fawned over all day for keeping his poise and composure and having an ok day amassed a stellar 52.8 passer rating. Bledsoe is obviously a far bigger threat than Orton, but our pass defense is equally far better than San Diego's.

    The big question mark (no pun intended) is Brunell. Is he the ghost of his former self we saw last year, or is he the re-energized savvy vet we saw in the pre-season? I think the answer to that question will determine the Redskins' chances on Monday night.

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