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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 1pick2, Jan 10, 2005.

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    don't you guys think it would be better to trade down say to 14 and pick up carolinas 2rd pick?they maybe interesested because they have questions concerning their rb situation(with the health of davis&foster).i mean there is always the chance that MW will fall because other recievers have emerged and their has been so much negative press about him(slow,and long layoff).maybe a lot of teams will back off from him and we could get him(hopefully).and maybe with our other picks 1b-erasmus/pollack,2a-shazor,&2bhawthorne.FA sign lb,cb,ol,& backup rb. : :moon: al randy moss
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    I hate mindless, random, goofy draft trade scenarios that don't stand a chance of happening . . .

    I can't believe were gonna have to read these lame threads for the next 4 months.
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    :moonbart: JUST FOR YOU MIND SWAT
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    Go to the draft forum and look at the draft value chart.

    Picks have values that teams use to gauge a trade. A 2nd is way too much for Carolina to give up for moving 3 spots. It could happen, and we'd make out well if it did, but it's not likely.
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    But they are trading to the Cowboys, that automatically makes it worth it. People think we can get a 1st or 2nd for glover, people were talking about AT LEAST a 2nd last year for Rashard Lee.

    Realistically, going from 11 to 14, 15 or 16, we'd probly pick up a 3rd.
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    27 Likes Received how do you really feel about these kind of threads...:banghead:
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    Somehow the "value chart" didn't prevent Cleveland from throwing away a second round pick to move up one spot for Winslow. It didn't stop Buffalo from tossing a first rounder our way in the Losman trade either.
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    I was just about to say that about the Browns/Winslow.

    The question is why would Carolina trade up? Dallas won't be taking one with JJ being the future. San Diego has LT. Houston has Davis, Hollings, etc. There should not be a need for them to move up unless they want to leapfrog Arizona at #8 where it's not out of the realm of possibility that Brown, Benson and Caddy are off the board.
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    Good news. It's only 102 days, 14 hours, and 49 minutes.

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    That long i'll never make it. :eek:
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    Geez CBZ... I know you are a bit long in the tooth... but is it that bad?

    I hope your around to see the next 5 SB victories... and hopefully that is achieved by 2010... (no offense)... :D
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    I'll make it...........and I'll see the next 5 SB victories also. :D
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    I am not at all against "considering" trades at all of our spots.
    Its about value. If the guys we target go just before us it makes sense to move down.

    A move from 11 to 14 might allow us to pick up a 3rd and still take the guy we would have taken at 11. It just depends on how things breakdown on draft day.

    A specific example from a mock draft is always good in these situations. I'll use Stokee's top 20 draft posted below.

    1. San Francisco Matt Leinart QB USC

    2. Kansas City Derrick Johnson OLB Texas
    Chiefs trade Larry Johnson RB to Dolphins, their 15 pick and their second two move up.

    3. Cleveland D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia
    Browns need O-Linemen in the worst way.

    4. Chicago Mike Williams WR USC
    Bobby Wade and David Terrell enough said….

    5. Tampa Bay Aaron Rodgers QB Cal
    He is too good to pass up. They will groom him under Griese.

    6. Tennessee Antrel Rolle CB Miami
    With Peyton Manning in their Division they need as many CB’s they can get.

    7. Oakland Cedric Benson RB Texas
    They want Derrick Johnson but their rival go to him first, so they upgrade the RB position.

    8. Arizona Carnell Williams RB Auburn
    Dennis Green loves that Homerun hitter. They get him in Carnell Williams

    9. Washington Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    The offense is what the Redskins will be looking for to upgrade in Free Agency and in the draft.

    10. Detroit Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
    The lions are thrill he is still on the board.

    11. Dallas Travis Johnson DT/DE FSU
    Since Dallas is switching to 3-4 defense, they get a 6-5 290 player in Johnson. He reminds me of Richard Seymour of the Pats. He can player either a DT or DE position

    12. San Diego (f/Giants) Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
    Might be a bit reach but San Diego needs a WR to stretch the field.

    13. Houston Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    They are shock to see this stud still on the board….

    14. Carolina Alex Barron OT FSU
    They need to patch up a bad O-line

    15. Miami Jammal Brown Oklahoma
    John St Clair enough said.

    16. New Orleans Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee
    A week spot for the last three years.

    17. Cincinnati Thomas Davis SS Georgia
    I remember his statement three years ago when Dallas drafted Roy Williams.

    18. Vikings David Pollack DE Georgia
    This will be a scary front four. Williams – DT, Hovan – DT(If he returns) Udeze (E) and Pollack.

    19. Rams Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    They need DB’s in the worst way.

    20. Dallas (f/Buffalo) Shawne Merriman, Maryland DE/OLB
    This guy will have 9 sacks next year in the new 3-4 scheme.

    Now lets say Carolina does want to draft Ronnie Brown and offers their 3rd to move up 3 spots. I would do it. I think you can move to 14 and draft Johnson there. If he was to be gone, Pollack, Thomas Davis, Carlos Rogers, Kevin Burnett are all on the board.

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