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Dont'a Hightower at OLB?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rooler, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. rooler

    rooler Benched

    62 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Dont'a Hightower*, ILB, Alabama
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 260.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.85.

    can play OLB
  2. TheDallasDon

    TheDallasDon AegonTheConqueror-Now bend the knee

    2,878 Messages
    393 Likes Received
    I bet maybe a lil OLB, ILB, and DE in a 4-3
  3. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

    13,899 Messages
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  4. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    6,110 Messages
    484 Likes Received
    Yes he could and I'm all for it, he is the #3 OLB on my list. I have read were many scouts say he is a better NFL 3-4 OLB than Upshaw.

    My 3-4 OLB list as of noe is
    Melvin Ingram
    Courtney Upshaw
    Donta Hightower
  5. JeffInDC

    JeffInDC Well-Known Member

    1,232 Messages
    268 Likes Received
    Me thinks that Mr. Hightower can play anywhere on the the front 7 he wishes (ok, except NT). The kid is a pure baller and has great instincts. I was impressed with both he and Upshaw last night - but, the scary thing is, as much as I believe Upshaw lived up to his billing last night, Hightower looked even better.
  6. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    86,729 Messages
    9,432 Likes Received
    He does play on the outside on passing downs, he did so last night and was able to force a fumble from the LSU QB as he swiped the ball out of his hands as he was in the process of getting the sack
  7. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    23,622 Messages
    13,462 Likes Received
    Projected 40 time of 4.85? That would be ok for a DE, but Linebackers with that kind of time usually don't get drafted in the top 3 rounds.
  8. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    6,110 Messages
    484 Likes Received
    lets wait till the combine, these projections are BS
  9. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

    6,847 Messages
    326 Likes Received
    Yeah with the kind of versatility each one of Hightower and Upshaw show, both would make a really good fit for Ryan's D since he moves players around so much. Would also give us a chance to move around Carter presnap if he wins a starting job.

    Since they both have vast experience in the 3-4, both could be a plug and play. If we could get either with a second round pick, we should do backflips, but both will probably work themselves into the first round and might even workout well enough to be considered at #14.
  10. rooler

    rooler Benched

    62 Messages
    0 Likes Received
  11. Dash28

    Dash28 Felis silvestris catus

    8,664 Messages
    1,855 Likes Received
    Suggs and Harrison ran in the 4.8's.

    Aldon Smith 4.7, didn't stop him from getting to the Qb, it's not 40 yards to the QB.

    40 is so overrated for 3-4 OLB.
  12. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

    5,192 Messages
    1,070 Likes Received
    You know, I remember saying I wanted Upshaw in the first round as a replacement for Spencer, based on what I'd seen watching Alabama play this year. I actually had him mixed up with Hightower, not realizing that they played him outside at times.

    I watched the game last night, and was somewhat impressed with Upshaw, but you're right. He's not that explosive, whereas Hightower is.
  13. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    6,110 Messages
    484 Likes Received
    Hightower makes plays all over the field and shows up when ever needed.
  14. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

    12,821 Messages
    496 Likes Received
    I wasn't very impressed by Upshaw - he will not be the pass rusher we covet. He doesn't have enough burst.

    I really liked what I saw from Hightower. He was very active and powerful. It seems like he has a great feel for the game. I'm not sure how he will time but I think he'd be a big upgrade over Spencer. According to most mocks #14 is too early for him.

    He'd be a candidate in a trade-down, though.
  15. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

    5,192 Messages
    1,070 Likes Received
    If the draft were this week, perhaps it would be. Who knows how those boards will look in 3 1/2 months.
  16. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    8,693 Messages
    4,589 Likes Received
    40 times are overrated for everyone but even more so for anyone other than WR and DB's who really need the make up speed and speed through breaks.
  17. cowboysfan31

    cowboysfan31 Active Member

    1,299 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    I really like Hightower, not only is he a playermaker but he is also the QB of that defense. One of the reasons people knock his speed is because he tore his ACL 2 years ago and was slow recovering from that, but he is over it now I believe. People look at the sack numbers and think that Upshaw is better, but they don't realize he's also asked to rush the QB more. Hightower had as many PBU as Robert Lester did this year, 1 less passes defended, and both players blocked a kick. Upshaw didn't do that.

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