Dorsett for Montana?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by fgoodwin, Jul 7, 2009.

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    This NFLN video describes the number five draft trade of all-time, the Dallas Cowboys trade with Seattle for the right to draft running back Tony Dorsett:

    The video concludes with the statement that the last pick Dallas traded to Seattle was ultimately dealt to San Francisco, and that the 'Niners used that pick to select Joe Montana, making Seattle look even worse for doing the deal.

    There's just one problem: its not true. I don't know where NFLN got their info, because those drafts were two years apart, and as far as I can tell, the '77 trade did not involve any of Dallas' '79 draft picks.

    Montana was actually taken by SF using a third round pick in the '79 draft obtained from Dallas (via Seattle) in the Bill Gregory (not Tony Dorsett) trade: on Aug. 28, 1978, the Seahawks traded their third round pick in the 1979 draft (#76 overall) and their 6th round pick (#155) to the Cowboys for DT Bill Gregory and Dallas' third round pick (#82).

    Later that day, the Seahawks traded S Bob Jury and the third-round pick (#82) they obtained from Dallas to the 'Niners in exchange for the 'Niners third-round 1979 draft choice (#57), with which they drafted LB Michael Jackson from Washington. The Cowboys used their third round pick (#76 from Seattle) on TE Doug Cosbie from Santa Clara. The Niners used their third round pick (#82 from Dallas via Seattle) on QB Joe Montana; see:

    So it wasn't Dorsett for Montana; more like Bill Gregory for Doug Cosbie, and Jury / Jackson for Montana. Still, not bad deals anyway you slice it!
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    Shhh, you'll spoil the melodrama that is NFL Films.
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    OK I know this response is coming two years late, but I want to correct one thing: the Top Ten video was produced by NFL Network, NOT NFL Films. NFL Films' reputation and accuracy are impeccable.

    NFLN? Not so much . . .
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    If it had gone the way they said, it would be more like Dorsett AND Montana that Seattle missed out on and not Dorsett for Montana.
    Either way, they blew it.

    Like with Tom Brady, the whole league blew it on Montana by passing on him in the draft 2 or 3 times. Pretty amazing, but Montana was a classic example of how measurables don't come close to measuring a QB.
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    Very true.
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    NFLN makes a lot of mistakes.

    Earlier today I was watched the repeat of their 10 greatest Dallas Cowboys. It was mentioned that Larry Allen won three super bowls with the Cowboys.

    Not true, of course.

    NFLN should produce a show highlighting the NFL Network's Top 100 Mistakes and Misstatements.

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