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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by rcaldw, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Saw Dorsett on 4 Quarters yesterday and he said something interesting about Julius Jones. In fact, Dorsett even prefaced it by saying "Julius if you see this", and then he said, that Jones is running too tentative worried about fumbling. Said he keeps two hands (arms) on the ball too much, needs to get back to just instinctive, fluid running. He said that he knows Parcells hates for backs to put the ball on the ground, and that running backs hate it just as much, but implied that Parcell's obsession with it has Julius not running as fluid in traffic.
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    Good observation IMO
  3. Sportsbabe

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    I saw the piece. It was great ... especially coming from somebody who knows a thing or two about Cowboys running backs. He also said Julius is taking too much of the load (which Bill is trying to correct).
  4. rcaldw

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    It was a great piece, and man I hope I look as good as Dorsett when I'm 51 years old. The guy looks like he could still play. I asked my 12 year old son, how old do you think he looks? He said 38, and I would agree with that. No way he looks 51.
  5. lurkercowboy

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    Dorsett fumbled as much as any back, but he did not deserve his reputation as a fumbler.
  6. rcaldw

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    Dorsett might be the most underrated of the great backs of NFL history. I personally think that an argument could be made for him as the greatest pure runner the NFL has ever seen. I know that is high praise, and certainly debatable, but I really believe it. I slowed down and reran his 99 yard TD footage, and at one point he was surrounded by 4 Vikings players, SURROUNDED.

    Tony hit the next gear, cut to the right and the rest was history.
  7. BlueStar II

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    I agree with Dorsett's observation/impression as well.
  8. hipfake08

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    I was wondering why he was not taking other teams for major yards this year.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    I think everyone is overreacting to 93, 81 and 85 yard games. Unfortunately we've been placed in come from behind situations in all three games. I think this has a lot to do with JJ's results so far. I think he'll be just fine. Everyone remembers the Seattle/NYG/and Bears games from last year.... those types of games will come.. remember he had some modest games last year vs. N.O. and Philly as well.
  10. BEASToftheEAST

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    No one scared defenders more than Dorsett did in his day. I still have a book about the All-Pro players from like 1984-85, and I'll never forget the way that Harry Carson said that Dorsett was the one player who scared him. He said at any time he could take it all the way, so it didn't matter how well you contained him early. And he was a very good receiver, before the West Coast came around...
  11. ghosttown cowboy

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    I think JJ has had at least 60 yrds worth of runs called back because of penalties. He is fine. :disseags:
  12. Mash

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    The whole team is playing tentative.....there scared....once the reins were pulled off the offence....the players breathed easier....

    I think alot of players on this team....seemed more worried about making a mistake then actually just playing the game and having fun.
  13. JeffInDC

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    You forgot to mention the one aspect of that play that made even more spectacular: Dallas had 10 men on the field. I'll never forget Gifford and Co. talking about how amazed they were that he basically ran 99 yard w/ no help.
  14. stiletto

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    Another example of Parcells over-coaching and turning the players into Robots... it worked in the 80's but Im really not sure it does today.
  15. CowboyChris

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    since when was TD known as a fumbler? ive never heard anyone term him as one.
  16. MinnesotaCowboy

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    I had the privilege to see that game here in of our suppliers had a company box on the 35 yd line and I was invited as they knew I was a devout Cowboy fan. What a run that was.....there were about 12 of us in the box and all of them but me were Viking fans. I don't think they appreciated all the screaming and hollering I did after that run. Over the years I got to see a lot of Cowboy games in that same box. The guy who got me in all those years was named Babinez and he had brother who played LB for the Cowboys although I can't remember what year and I am too damn lazy to look it up. :)
  17. Sitting Bull

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    I agree that JJ appears very focused on holding on to the ball, but he was like that last year as well. In that famous Thanksgiving Day run against the Bears, he's 20-yards downfield before he uncovers the ball. I think it has a little to do with Parcells' emphasis on zero negative yardage plays and a lot to do with the emphasis our opponents have placed on stopping him. From what I've seen, Oakland can't defend their flats (or much else in the passing game). Crazy as it sounds, I think our RBs could catch 10 balls out of the backfield this week.
  18. CaptainAmerica

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    Sorry guys, I love Dorsett as much as anyone, ( I still have the autographed SI cover with him on it, titled "Man On The Run"), but TD ain't the guy to be listening to when it comes to protecting the ball.

    TD was a fumbler, plain and simple. His other qualities were so good that coaches had to live with that aspect of his game. But you could count on TD fumbling. In fact my dad used to drive me crazy ragging on me about how TD was sure to give up a fumble every game or two .
  19. rcaldw

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    Captain, I think that was Tony's point. He wasn't commenting on how to protect the football. His comments were on how Julius can be the best runner he can be, and that he is SO focused on protecting the football, he is limiting his fluidity in his running ability.

    Tony certainly fumbled his share (though he cut down on this late in his career), but his highest season was 12 on 290 carries or about once every 25 carries. That was 1978, and we fared pretty well with him at the RB spot ;)
  20. Sarge

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    That would belong to Eric Dickerson.

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