News: Dorsett Speaks Out About Concussions

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by DWhite Fan, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Tony Dorsett speaking about the concussions he received over his career and one in particular against Philly in 1984...

    "''That ain't the first time I was knocked out or been dazed over the course of my career, and now I'm suffering for it,'' the 57-year-old former tailback says. ''And the NFL is trying to deny it.''
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    They did not know as much about concussions back then. Heck when I was growing up and played high school and college it was pretty common to have a trainer give you an ammonia capsule and give you some time to clear your head.

    Now days they know the danger of it and have acted accordingly. So I'm not sure the NFL should be held responsible no more than the player who chooses to play the game
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    Football is a sport of collision. I think when they put the uniform on they are accepting the risks. Like you, I got injured playing high school ball (cracked ribs, sprained ankles and a knee, a concussion or two) and in no way do I blame the school. If you dance to the music, you have to pay the fiddler sometime...
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    I agree as long as the league informs players of the situations.

    Example I saw an interview with Witten and he talked of a concussion he got in 2010 season the trainer would not let him go back in even though Witten kept insisting and getting mad at the trainer. The trainer and the NFL did what was in the players interest.

    As long as the league is honest about what they know in terms of safety and have done all that can be expected then I don't see the beef.

    When TD played they did not know much about concussion and long term effects, it was not because they did not care fact is they did not know
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    I remember Staubach in '79. He had like 5 concussions that season and the one that stays with me is the one in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. Can you imagine how many games Roger would have been force to miss had the NFL had the same rules then as it does now about head injuries? I feel the NFL has clearly shown in recent years that the league is concerned about concussions and their consequences...
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    That game against the eagles was Dorsett's best half of 1984.
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    The NFLPA discarded the previous players like a dime store W....! I hope they win The only reason I watch football is because of the history and the greats that played before. Truly sad a 100 billion dollar corp like the NFL use's the players and tosses them. Profiting on the backs of players, They know the risks I understand that but take care of the guys who built this league. Its a joke I hate this part of the Game crapping all over these old-timers
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    Absolutely true.

    Seems crazy to me that some of today's younger fans have never seen that happen on the sidelines. It was routine.

    You used to see it maybe once every five games or so, on TV. ("He'll be o.k. He just got his bell rung.").
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    As I recall from my HS days they called it "getting your bell rung" and sometimes they never noticed you were a little flaky and you never missed a snap. Medically they've come along ways but pressure to play has always been a part of the game.

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