Doug Martin, RB, Boise State.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by crazyfool, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. crazyfool

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    Does anyone else think he would be a great pick after round 2? Tough, quick, good acceleration and a knack for finding holes, blocking and catching.

    Compare college footage of Choice and Martin, both seem like hard runners and hard to tackle, but Martin has a bit more power and several more moves. Not to mention his hole recognition is superior and I believe he is quicker than Choice.
  2. Shadowy329

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    I don't think comparing him to choice on thise board is a good way to sway anyones opinion on him.

    But since I know nothing about him I'll take a look at him when I get home.
  3. RS12

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    Wouldnt suprise me at all if he was there in round 3. They have been talking about an RB. He is a complete player.
  4. TheFinisher

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    Martin is a beast, I just don't see us taking another RB high this year... unless we were to ship off Felix in a trade. In that case, I'd love to have him.
  5. tm1119

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    I like him, but I don't think he's really going to be a feature back. Hes a very complete back, but I think he will lack the top end speed or moves to be a dynamic RB. I'm thinking a Chester Taylor type career for him, great 2nd back that isn't a liability if needed to start. Which would be very good value for the 3rd or 4th round.

    Ive never been a big fan of Felix as a starter but he makes a good change of pace back to Murray. So I don't see a need for a rookie running back in this draft.
  6. ZeroClub

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    The Cowboys offense needs a third RB who is better than Choice was ... and who can play special teams.

    If the Cowboys believe Martin fills that role, I have no problem spending a 3d or 4th round pick on him.
  7. crazyfool

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    Chester Taylor is a good comparison. I live in Boise Idaho and saw him play every other week in person. Everyone wants to say that they're pet cat is either the second coming of Emmitt or Allen...or whatever. Not me, but I think he will have a better career than Taylor, and might be a bit on the tougher side. I believe he would be a great 3-4th rounder and I've liked his attitude since he's been playing for my Boise State Broncos. Hope he ends up a Cowboy so you can all appreciate it.

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