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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Doomsday101, May 2, 2006.

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    COWBOYS: I'm real smart, see. When I talked to Bill Parcells and tactfully asked him, "Who are you gonna draft?" and he replied, "You know the kind of guys I like," I knew right away that he loves mammoth LBs, and 256-pound Bobby Carpenter was the biggest one there, so who did I give him? A wideout, naturally. Best available athlete. A pick for value. Add any other cliché that comes to mind. OK, Carpenter gives him that muscle in the middle. The next choice, Notre Dame TE Anthony Fasano, is, hopefully, a Mark Bavaro reincarnation, or something close to it. After that? Not a whole lot that thrills me.

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    Seems like a lot of the 'experts' are trying to make him play ILB, where would they be getting that notion?
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    I notice that as well but I don't think that will be the case I think Carpenter will primarily play outside LB but I would not be surprised to see Dallas move Carpenter around from time to time to confuse the defense.
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    He'll play OLB primarily don't put too much stock into that other sutff.
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    Dr Z ain't all that smart so take what he says with a very LARGE grain of salt.
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    Actually, I'd pay more attention to Dr Z than most people in the media and most people on this board. After all, he did write the book, "The Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football" and sections of that book, IMO, are just as relevant today as yesterday. He can be very perceptive.

    Now, having said that, I think Z coasts a lot these days. Someone needs to give him a wine/food column again so he doesn't have to fill half his football column with his complaints about Philly cheesesteaks and his picks of good Spanish wines.


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    I don't believe Dr. Z pays that much attention to the draft or to college football compared with many of the other "experts". I respect his opinion on football (unlike John "Wally Cox" Clayton or "The Peter King") but he really doesn't have a clue about the draft.
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    Dr Z's big schtick is the game breakdowns he does. So what happens with him is that during the season he sees trends that only a lot of tape work can show you. He was talking about the loss of velocity on Testaverde's passes before most in the media were..

    But in short, Thumper, I agree. He does the draft but it's not his big thing. He also does power ratings during the year and by the tone he uses, you know he isn't altogether serious about that either.
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    agree that Dr. Z marches to his own beat, but this is the guy who ranked mario edwards as the 5th best overall corner in the league 3 years ago.
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    Guess he does not study all the players.
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    Dr. Z is probably the best as far as national media goes...Him ranking Mario Edwards that high is because as he said...He has had to first see the player and he than charts the player and I think he only got one or 2 games on Mario and according to his charts it worked out that way...So as he said... he either has to stay true to the chart or just give up charting all together which he isn't gonna do...

    Now having said all that there is no way the good doctor has time to review all potential draftees... but like he has said years ago his boss requires him to hand out grades no matter how ridiculous he finds the notion or how unprepaired he is to do it justice...

    I like Dr. Z because he does his own thing and thinks for himself without having others tell him what to think...
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    I have very limited knowledge of his early work - having grown up in the UK....but from what I have read over the last few years, Dr Z does not impress me at all.

    I have hardly agreed with much that he has analysed of the 'Boys for the last few years - not that I'm the answer to all things football! I just am not impressed with his recent articles and this just emphasises that point! Everyone with any in-sight could have predicted we were not going WR in R1! Then to assume Carp was going inside?...

    I rest my case!
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    The one thing I got from this draft is how much Parcells loves versatility. Ayodele could probably play both ILB and OLB. The same goes for Carpenter. Fasano can play TE or rove around (at least that's what they are hoping). They believe Hatcher can eventually move around at NG and DE in the 3-4. And Green has return skills along with being a WR.

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    Z was one of the best pure sportswriters I've ever read. However, I'd say he's lost some zip on his fastball over the last 5 years. Still, when he really digs down and writes a column, he can still come up with a dandy.

    Rafael Vela is by far the best guy to read about when it comes to the Cowboys.

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    They reached badly on him, because he sure is no WR. He couldn't even start at the position for his college team as a senior. He's living off his sophomore season, when he was an all-american return man. He hasn't done much these last two seasons......and Rob Sims, OG/OT, Ohio St. was right there for the picking. I can't possibly see ANY team having Green anywhere close to Sims on their board. Sims will start in a year or two. Green will be lucky to make the team.

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