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    So, in my first draft, I made trades which others found unattainable. My second draft has no trades, and was made with team needs and Dallas drafting tendencies in mind. Ultimately, it is just my opinion; what's yours??

    18th pick - Chance Warmack, OG/ Alabama - Not a Dallas tendency, but a major need. I'm all about getting a pass rusher or receiver, but this is absolutely necessary. How can we honestly judge Romo's game without giving him a true line. Then we kick his *** out if he can't produce. Warmack is NFL ready to do what he does best; demasculate defensive lineman for sixty minutes.

    47th pick - Cornelius Carradine, DE/ FSU - So, Ansah will not be around by now, but Carradine will. He suffered an ACL tear in the last regular season game of the CF season, but Dallas is not opposed to getting good talent with this exact injury. This is a man who will be great in the NFL, but a team needs to be patient. We can be that team.

    80th pick - Alvin Bailey, OG/ Arkansas - Can you think of the day when Dallas will have an overflow of talent at the OL position. This will help a lot. This guy can make a great RG to pair with whoever they decide to put at RT, and will be considered a successful draft pick by the end of the year.

    111th pick - D.J. Swearinger, S/ South Carolina - this young man likes to hit. I like that. We need to get the recievers squeamish to go up the middle or to try and go deep. Then we get turnovers. I'm not quite sure why he's graded so low amongst the other safeties. I'd like to know.

    144th pick - Mike Gillislee, RB/ Florida - I believe that this guy will be that successful one cut and up the field type of RB that Felix Jones has most often failed to be. This Murray/ Gillislee 1-2 punch will make defensive coordinators heads hurt for years.

    175th pick - Devin Taylor, DE/ South Carolina- If this guy is here, I'd take him. SC lineman are always premium in my mind. I was actually hoping that we had kept Clifton Geathers. Well, here's another one at a good value pick.
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    Very good. Good write-up.

    I'm a big fan of Swearinger. Covers like a CB, hits like a LB. Definitely underrated at this time.

    Devin Taylor seems like an underrated guy also.

    I like Tank Carradine but I had hope that he would be available in the 3rd. Where do you think he would have been drafted without the injury?
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    I would take this draft in a heart beat. lots of down south size, speed, strength in this mock. exactly what we need. the only reservation i have is the running back. i think we need someone with a little more size.

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    I could see Carradine as a definite 1st round. He went toe- to- toe with Werner on many games that they have on YouTube; and he was the right end facing the LT on almost every play. Who's to say where he goes after the injury. I agree, I would love him to drop lower. He's a force.

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