Draft 2014 - Long term vs Quick fix

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Outside of QB, RB, TE, C, LT, WR and CB I would go BPA at all other positions for each round. Whoever is at the top of your draft board in each round that is not one of those positions take. and if you took one at that position previous in the draft go to your next position of need that has a BPA. With basically 11 positions of the starting 22 in need of serious upgrades you will run out of picks before you run out of positions of need. But if we can get 10 new players in that are at least a little better then the current starters we will have improved the team a whole lot overall. Now if Ware and Lee and Carter can come back and give us healthy and productive seasons then we only need 7 to help out. IF somehow Bernie and Free can keep playing decently then we will be even better. With just a little luck we can have a much better team next year.

    as regards FA try and pick up some cheap depth on the D line.
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    Basically draft for need.

    No thank you. Your parting gifts are at the exit door to the war room.
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    you think this is not exactly what happens in the draft?

    BPA is given lip service. BPA for need is what is actually done.
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    Yes. I think this is what actually happens with the good teams in the draft. They always take the top talent if there's a guy above all others and if there isn't, they let need factor in.

    What they don't do is what you suggest. Ignore positions completely.
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    I would say this team generally lacks a long-term focus, which is odd. It has permanent stability at GM and the largest and most loyal fanbase in the country. This idea that floats around the media about Jerry needing to make changes to "sell the team" each year is ridiculous and leads to bad decisions. But Jerry seems to believe it.
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    Dallas has wasted the prime of Romo, Witten, and Ware
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    Well live in your dream world. Unless a real star falls- and guess what there usually is a very good reason he falls- this is exactly what happens with the GOOD teams in the draft. Look at the Pats and other teams that are consistent winners. They do not draft positions where they are strong very often if at all. They have drafted how many QBs since Brady? Mallett and who else?

    NTs since Wilfolk? Who?

    There are positions that they do ignore year in and year out because they are strong there. So yes BPA at positions of need is the usual practice and the main thing is that it works because you have competent people doing the picking.
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    Players aren't given their own unique grade. They are graded in clusters. There may not be any difference grade wise between the 15th player on their board and the 19th. That's when need factors in.

    But no good drafting team does what you suggest. To completely ignore positions. Find me a quote from a single GM in the league suggesting they do so. They'd be fools to do that.

    When there's a prospect above all others on your board, you take him.
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    Most rookies (maybe 95%?) don't have a huge impact the first year.
    So if first year turn around is what is meant by "quick fix" via the draft, then that is not even an option.
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    Well the theme for Jones is to keep plugging the holes in the roof to keep the water from leaking until the roof falls in, and that's what we've been doing, and we'll probably do that until the roof falls in. I would agree with plugging holes if we had the right people in place who knew how to do that.
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    Burma does have a point in that Mayock will specifically state before each team's pick, especially in the first round, "they need a tackle, they need a corner, etc." and minutes later they select that position. The truth is it is "blended" and that teams only take the "best player available...period." when a premium talent at ANY position starts to drop. Otherwise, the needs out weigh the opportunity to acquire superior talent at a position already deemed "filled." We all seem to incorporate that into our understanding of the "best player available" mantra that is sprayed around draft time. You look at a team's needs, you will see them draft that position high unless a blue chipper starts to drop. I guess BPA (w/in reason) should be the real ideology.
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    I think it's somewhat amusing to hear people arguing about drafting by BPA vs. Need, like it's so cut and dried and that somehow where a player is ranked is actually going to reflect how they will perform at the next level. I think most teams use a combination of both. I understand the reaching argument but most make it sound like we'll draft a 6th round talent in the 1st rd. Evaluate the drafts from 2-3+ years ago and how different they would look today. Just look at last year's draft and Fredbeard, many thought we reached with that pick and made it based on solely on need. It turned out to be a solid pick and there's no guarantee he would have been available in the 2nd, or that some suggested, the 3rd round. I think teams have to draft BPA according to their needs and systems. That BPA has to fit into your scheme and needs or it is a wasted pick.
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    Draft is for long term. I'd use FA for quick fixes.
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    Which is dumb because there is no quick fix when you have a 33 year old QB on the decline and a coach that has gone 8-8 the last 3 years in a row. We have been playing the quick fix game for several years now and it hasn't produced jack squat.
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    There isn't anything with out scouting department. Very solid group IMO. It's the rest of the process that seems to break down at times.
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    I say a long term fix and hope and pray that Romo pulls a Manning-Brady-Favre and plays another 5 years at a high level.
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    This team has so many holes that it has to move down when possible in the rounds to acquire picks. I'm all of the BPA at each round, but this team needs linemen on each side of the ball. The line for the offense will allow better running lanes and time to pass downfield for play action. On defense it will help to stop the run, sack the passer and allow time for the secondary to gel and get better. This is not a one year or two year process. I believe it will take three years to do that. I don't expect Garrett, Romo, or Ware to be here when this team returns to any sort of glory. But I'd love to see them all just get better this year.
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    You want long term. Stop restructuring, and start cutting dead weight. Start drafting big time talent from big time programs. Start spending some money on the OL and DL. Invest in a safety once very 18 years. Stop firing coaches and changing schemes every year or two. Stop playing copy cat and get an identity.

    Ohhhhhhh, hire a GM that knows what he's doing. Let him change the culture and build a franchise, and stop worrying about the dad gum entertainment business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think that's definitely part of it, that there's a breakdown in the process. At least on the defense side of the ball, there hasn't been a consistent plan or identity, we went from Wade's 3-4 to Rob's 3-4 and now to a 4-3. It helps the scouts to know not just what the scheme will be, but what skill sets and strengths are most important at each position to coordinator to implement their system. This is when the entire organization needs to be on the same page and draft the right kind of guy. No, not Garrett's idea of RKG, but the right player for the position that he is expected to fill. I look at a guy like Carter, playing in a 3-4, he looked every bit worth that 2nd rd pick, but not so much in a 4-3. Only time will tell if he can pick up and play in a 4-3, if we were playing a 4-3 when he was drafted would we have picked him in the 2nd round or opted for a different player?

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