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Draft a RB IN 1?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

    24,355 Messages
    9,097 Likes Received

    Don't hold your breff.

  2. goshan

    goshan Well-Known Member

    2,005 Messages
    109 Likes Received
    A lot of you are such Homers.
    You don't think Miami has better RB depth?

    Sammy Morris and Minor are both better than A-Train and Barber.
    Then you have Williams and Brown.
    Nors is right on the rest of them but the Miami thing points out the homerism at play here.
  3. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

    10,604 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    No but you know every team's goal every year is to draft at 32.:lombardi:
  4. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,103 Likes Received
    But, but, but, blue is my favorite color.

    Though not in skin.
  5. Dallas31

    Dallas31 Member

    445 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Good analysis. I agree with almost all of what you wrote...
  6. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

    10,343 Messages
    3,949 Likes Received
    Draft projection right now is a precarious topic. With no draft order set and the college football season still going on, it's a tossup at this point.

    I agree with most in here that we have some needs to address. Drafting a FS in round one would surprise me though first day is not out of the question. DT is a real chance since Glover and Ferguson aren't getting any younger. Ngati is a monster among men.

    Really like the Ohio St. LB's, but we have some decent depth there.

    OL possibly. Still waiting for Peterman to make a move but it might never happen. Jacob Rogers never happened.

    RB in the 1st? You never know. Stranger things have happened.
  7. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

    4,572 Messages
    566 Likes Received
    I think we're fine at RB.

    I really like TT and I think he'll only improve as he plays...if Parcells gives him the chance.
  8. Big Country

    Big Country Rolling Thunder

    3,716 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    isn't it funny that the blatantly obvious is so obscure to some??
  9. Nors

    Nors Benched

    22,015 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    If TT earns the chance
  10. ChldsPlay

    ChldsPlay Well-Known Member

    9,853 Messages
    2,787 Likes Received
    How about KC? Holmes, Johnson, Richardson at FB. Third and (if a team even has one) 4th string aren't really an issue. We have JJ and a couple guys that might have some potential. I'm sure 31 other teams can say they have a guy or 2 that might have some potential.
  11. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

    10,396 Messages
    1,912 Likes Received
    1st rd BPA LB, OL, WR

    2nd rd BPA DT, LB, OL, WR, safety, CB

    Positions of need:

    1. LB, inside or outside depending on Burnett, likely one of each.

    2. OL, G, OT are both needed.

    3. FS, even with Beriault returning we will hedge our bets.

    4. WR, too much age and uncertainty to not bring in a young WR.

    5. DT, we need another young big body to compete with Pepper and Van Hoy.

    6. CB, not 100% sold on the young guys behind the top 3 to offset Glenn's age.

    Right now I'd say 2 LBs, OT, OG, safety, WR, DT, and CB.
  12. Trip

    Trip New Member

    674 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I could see us waiting a year on a WR, depending on what key and Glenn do health-wise the rest of the way. We've got Crayton, who looks like he can develop into a good #2 and we still could re-sign Peerless. What we need at that spot, is a guy that can develop into a top flight receiver to eventually replace Glenn and key, not sure we'll find that this year, with our other needs.

    Offensive line, I think, could be two of our day one picks.
  13. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

    10,396 Messages
    1,912 Likes Received
    Young WRs normally don't make a huge impact as rookies, it is better to have Key or Glenn's replacement in place before you need them.
  14. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

    24,355 Messages
    9,097 Likes Received
    I agree - now is the time to draft a WR especially when Glenn can go down at any given moment.

    Get one in place and ready to go.
  15. Jay9508

    Jay9508 New Member

    256 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    about julius jones, he was injuried and came back and ran like crazy, maybe history will repeat
  16. Trip

    Trip New Member

    674 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    True, but our cup runneth over right now. Not saying it would be a foolish idea at all, but when we get to draft day some other needs may be more glaring. some seem to be right now.

    If it means taking a WR in the fourth round, and then coming back and having to spend a second-rounder next year, I'd just as soon wait.

    I hope Tucker plays incredible the rest of the way, and Petitti gets better and our older guards stay healthy, but offensive line seems like the place to focus at the top of the draft right now, IMO.
  17. EveryoneElse

    EveryoneElse Active Member

    3,877 Messages
    0 Likes Received
  18. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

    10,396 Messages
    1,912 Likes Received
    Solid OL can be had in any round, and while I do think we spend a first day pick on OL, we are still a couple of LBs away from being a great 3-4, and we are old at WR.

    That is why I think that we go with whoever is highest on our board from those 3 positions...actually 5 with ILB, OLB, OT, G or WR...when we draft in rounds 1-3.
  19. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

    3,075 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I dunno honestly my friend was saying the same exact thing, and i wasnt ready to concede just yet. but if we got lendale white in the first, imagine how ridiculous of a run game with thunder and lightning we would have. It just sucks that he always has to miss a bunch of games every year.
  20. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

    3,075 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    If we get another NT who are we going to cut, glover or ferg? both of them are playing well and both make a decent salary. why draft another nt already?

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