Draft a RB IN 1?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I disagree pretty strongly about NT being a top priority. Ferg is good for us for about 3 year, Johnson may have something (although he is a bit more of a Glover type) and Ratliff can grow into a NT role nicely.

    Granted, if the draft board shows the an NT is far better than other choices at that point, why not.

    But still, we certainly have more pressing needs than NT.

    Free Safety, I agree with, but I tend to think that we'll either go after one in FA or use a 2nd rounder on one. Similar to last year when we gave Pete Hunter is chance to shine...we're doing with Davis.

    At Center, I prefer Johnson over Gurode, but right now both leave a bit to be desired. But hell, players do get better and I think there's time for improvement. I doubt we draft another C anytime soon.

    RB? If a Stephen Jackson type is availabe, we do what we did last time and trade down.

    If Reggie Bush is available(which he won't be), all bets are off.
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    You don't need to take a RB in the first round anymore these days, IMO. You can find great ones in the 2nd and 3rd.. UNLESS Bush is there, if he's there I'm taking him. He's a once in a generation type player.
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    i agree, we need to plan ahead on the wr front. key and glenn dont have many years left, and wr's need a year or two to really get a hold of the game usually. Santonio Holmes can come off the bench and be electric. NT isnt a need for another two years imo.

    OL can be had inthe 2nd -7th, and so can FS 2-7th.

    I really would love to give Beriault a chance to win the FS starting job, but we should bring in someone else who is fast at FS in case beriault cant do the job, and just cut Davis off the team entirely. Beriault looks like he has the playmaking in his blood.

    I dont think we need to get another LB this year. Burnett James Nguyen can man the middle we just need Burnett to finally get healthy and ready to play and he will start imo. James is starting to get it imo and could fill dat's role in the future.

    I would love to do what we did last year on hte defense on the offensive side of theball this year. we definitely need to get some mroe playmakers and ol depth etc. Then we would have a ton of young playmakers on offense and defense for many years to come.
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    There is a RB at Louisville that is freakin huge like 260 Bettis style. He had like a 200 yard running game, anyone know what his name is? he looks like a beast, I would drool all over this pick if we could get him in the 3rd or something.
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    Steven Jackson's career will be over in about 5 years. He runs too upright and takes too many hits, just like Eddie George. George was drafted in 1997, and he was washed up about 6 years later.

    If we wanted him, we could have had him...but we passed. I think what I said above may have had something to do with it.
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    At FS, I like Michael Huff of UT alot also, very good in coverage. He seems more of a true FS. Yes love Bing of USC also. Jimmy Williams out of VT could be one of the best DBs in this draft if not THE probably wanting to play CB but he's played well at FS also. Be great to have that kind of cover guy back at FS.
    I'm not sold yet that BerryO is a FS. Seems more of a SS still but it'd sure be a nice surprise for him to play well at FS.

    Yes, absolutely on the OL.
    I can't agree on Kiwi and Ngata, although I love Kiwi...we already have more good players than we can play on the DL. Ngata has one major knee injury and that concerns me for a DT. Lett was never the same after his, people always tried to cut him and whenever he saw a cut block, he'd get scared and just fall down. I think '07 is the year we draft DL again.
    I agree that those LB's you named are very good, but they all seem to say OLB and I don't think we need another OLB, strictly an MLB. Ahmad Brooks is the only standout guy IMO that has ILB (and Ray Lewis playmaking) ability written all over him. I think Hawk plays OLB and Carpenter isn't the level of athlete of Brooks or Hawk.
    I think FS, OL, and LB are really the only positions we HAVE to have next offseason (and maybe a K). Depending on how Price plays, we may need to resign him also. But I think at least one or two of those can come via FA or maybe BerryO steps up at FS...
    I wouldn't be opposed to trading down a few times and trying to load up on picks for '07 draft in case we decide we want a franchise QB of the future (whose name rhymes with Brady Quinn) or the best WR. I think we've proven that having a legit QB is the difference between being dangerous and being a punching bag. Is there a price too high for that?
    The WR crop in the coming draft seems pretty weak to me right now. Most of the studs are underclassmen. Just looking at the probably draft class of '06, I'd like to parlay some picks to '07, which I think will be stronger, esp at WR and probably QB.
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    Eddie George ran the ball a LOT more than Steven Jackson is.
  8. Eskimo

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    If we're drafting OL I want the guy who scouted out Pettiti and not the guys that delivered Gurode, Al Johnson, Jacob Rogers and Steven Peterman - 4 first day picks and not an average starter amongst the lot. The sad part is that I don't even see the potential for any of them to become above average starters.

    Hopefully we'll see further good choices with Ireland in and Lacewell out.

    Getting the LT of the future is not a bad idea. I doubt LA is on the team next year. We could have the rookie play LG his first year with Flo back at LT and then flip them around the next year once he is more seasoned. Alternatively, we could just move Flo inside to LG and have the rookie play at LT if he is ready from the get go.
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    I figure Jimmy Williams for CB as well. You see him Thursday night? Kid is all over.

    I thought Huff was a CB as well. He playing S with Cedric Griffin?

    He plays the same way Charlie Waters did. Give me a player who is about head and heart and I'll take it.

    FYI, D'brickashaw Ferguson is the kid on OL that I love watching. Talk about a bulldozer.

    I love the idea of Kiwi and Canty as bookend DEs. Move Spears inside next to Glover and I dare an OL to try and keep them off the QB.

    Spencer Havner of UCLA plays inside. Definitely worth watching.

    I think WR as well. Look to the oldest positions starting on the team and focus there.

    Given the money we'll have in FA again this year I don't disagree with you, but I'm always draft greedy. It's my Christmas.

    I don't disagree with that.
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    It's nice to share. :D
  11. Yakuza Rich

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    Crazy talk.

    First off, I don't believe you can blame Julius too much. I really believe he'd be playing if it was a playoff game and Parcells is just taking extra precaution. Last year he was hurt on a freak play.

    Plus, there's Thompson and Barber that should be better next season.

    There's more important needs the Cowboys have to address such as the future of the O-Line and WR's, along with free safety and CB (need a replacement for Aaron Glenn eventually).

  12. md2005

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    Running backs tend to get hurt when Linebackers have clean shots at them in the backfield. Maybe we should worry about the horses up front. That is where the problems lie.
  13. Paniolo22

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    I think we look to FA again for depth. I think the BPA theory is fine, but in the early rounds, it should at least address a partial need. BTW, when you are drafting in the 20's more times than not you are drafting for depth and not immediate starters. Certain positions tend to fall, centers, guards, safeties and so forth, but I consider it lucky if we get a starter in the late 1st and up.
  14. Hiero

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    Next draft we need.

    - WR clear choice. we need another young guy alongside crayton to be his glenn. Santonio Holmes martin nance, etc.

    - ILB possibly. depends if Burnett is gonna be moved inside, and how Dat recovers and how well James plays. Could be a complete nonissue come april 06.

    - FS Clear need, however Beriault could be the guy, and man would i love for that to happen. he was electric when he got his shot, and the non cowboy fans watching the game with me loved him too.

    - FB Nobody really brings it up, but we really need one imo. Lousaka Polite isnt gonna cut it, we need a real lead blocker for JJ. If that means taking him in the 3rd, then damnit do it Bill.

    - K we need a kicker, i could do without Cortez or Cundiff definitely. Cundiff has no leg, and cortez has the leg, but i dunno if he will revert to his horrible shanks.

    I dont see why people want us to draft an NT we have Ferg and Glover both signed to big deals, we dont need a 3rd making big money. If we did get an NT cmon bill make it 2nd day pick.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    You better put OT on that list.
  16. parchy

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    Michael Bush? I know it's something Bush. He's awesome. I'd love to draft him and drop A-Train.
  17. Nors

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    At this point this is a very weak WR class......
  18. Nors

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    NT - Depth at Dline is huge in this league. Glover at his $ and age is a season or two max away from phased out.

    Weak WR draft class. A stud RB to team in there with JJ would be killer.

    FS,ILB - you can get starters in round 2.....
  19. junk

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    Glover has one year left on his deal (2006). My guess is that he isn't resigned after that deal.

    Still the best lineman on the team right now, IMO (and Jim Burt's :D )

    Get a FS in FA. Somebody with some experience. Don't go with some rook back there.

    Stud RBs don't have value anymore. They are a dime a dozen. James, Alexander (I know I am missing somebody here) were on the market and their teams couldn't give them away.

    Bush might be the exception. That guy is a flat out player, but he will be long gone by the time Dallas drafts (unless the fall apart and draft top 5).

    OLB is a huge need in my book. FS in free agency. OL needs a youth infusion. The offense needs another young playmaker. I just can't see Parcells going WR high. He loves Glenn, but hated the pick. I think he loves finding gems like Coles/Crayton later.
  20. ghst187

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    anyone see Brady Quinn's stats today.....?
    over 400 yards passing and like 6 TDs....Kid is better than Leinert and still has another year left of college. Its a shame no one is talking about him for the Heisman, he's the best QB in the game. Leinert's arm strength concerns me. His Brain and moxie sure don't though.

    I actually think that San Fran will draft #1 and take Reggie Bush (and anyone that drafted #1 and didn't take Bush would be an idiot). Leinert, and OT Ferguson will probably be 3 of the first 5 taken.

    Looking at our needs, where we'll likely draft, and the strength of the class, I think we'll have to go BPA from the following positions OL, LB, FS, or WR.

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