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    April 24: There are not too many happy campers in Kansas City this morning after the Chiefs traded Tony Gonzales, the Chiefs signature player the past decade, to Atlanta for nothing more than a second round pick in 2010. Chiefs’ new G.M. Scott Pioli has hinted, though, that the pick obtained from Atlanta could be used to help the team acquire a pick or two in this year’s draft. In particular, the Chiefs’ reportedly would like to get back into the second round after using their #2 this year in the trade that brought QB Matt Cassel from New England. Currently, the Chefs don’t pick again until selection #67 after they make the third pick overall.

    There has also been some speculation that the Chiefs may now try and use the future pick obtained from Atlanta in a trade for a name veteran, particularly a receiver as Cassel doesn‘t have many targets left… The trade of Gonzales to Atlanta also messed up a lot of mock drafts out there, such as our full 7-round projection, which have the Falcons taking Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew with their first round pick. Fact is there probably isn’t a mock draft out there - including ours - worth the paper its written on as the early going at tomorrow’s draft is almost assuredly going to be dramatically altered by some kind of trade for USC QB Mark Sanchez.

    In particular, Washington, Denver and the Jets have all reportedly made calls to teams with top ten picks to gauge what it will cost to move up to get Sanchez. While the most logical spot to acquire Sanchez might be the #8 pick currently held by Jacksonville, St. Louis at #2, Seattle at #4 and Cleveland at #5 are all making noises about taking Sanchez for themselves, presumably in the hope of forcing one of the teams interested in getting Sanchez to move all the way up to their spot. Indeed, there have been rumblings that at least one team with an early will consider taking Sanchez if he’s on the board when they pick with the idea of flipping him to the highest bidder. Right now it appears the team most likely to move into the top 4-5 picks to get Sanchez is Washington.

    Denver has cap issues and simply may not be able to afford to move up that high, while its just a long way to go for the Jets who have the 17th pick overall and would likely have to part with their 2010 first rounder in addition to this year’s #1 to move up that far. Washington also has a problem in that the Redskins don’t have a lot of ammunition for a trade up having traded away both their second and 4th round picks this year. Washington, though, has already reportedly called at least one another team - most likely the Jets - about the possibility of trading incumbent QB Jason Campbell. If in fact the Redskins could entice the Jets into parting with the 17th pick for Campbell, the Redskins would have more than enough trade value points in the 13th and 17th picks to move up to the 4th or 5th spot; in fact, they could probably make it to #3 in a pinch…

    Meanwhile, there are rumblings that if Denver fails to land Sanchez, they could make a play for Cleveland QB Brady Quinn who appears to be expendable and might be worth the 18th pick overall… Cleveland, in fact, could end up being a huge player in tomorrow’s draft. Some media reports, for example, are suggesting that a proposed trade between the Browns and Giants for WR Braylon Edwards has died of natural, however, the two sides are close enough that in the end it may come down to who blinks first. Right now, the sticking point still appears to be the Giants’ reluctance to include the 29th pick in the deal.

    The Browns are reportedly asking for the Giants first and third round picks for Edwards, while the Giants have countered with an offer of a second rounder - presumably the 45th pick acquired from the Saints’ for TE Jeremy Shockey last spring - and a 5th rounder. And the fact is that isn’t a huge gap. Indeed, factoring in the value of each pick from the standard NFL trade value table and the two teams are separated by a late second round pick. There are also only 16 picks between the Giants first round pick that the Browns want and the second rounder the Giants are likely offering. The fact also is that these kinds of deals often come down to the last minute.

    Discussions with San Diego involving the 2004 trade in which the Giants acquired QB Eli Manning, for example, appeared to have died of natural causes several times in the days leading up to the draft. Indeed, the deal wasn’t actually consummated until the Giants were on the clock after Manning had been selected by the Chargers. It was also the same last spring when the draft came and went and TE Jeremy Shockey was still a Giant, but a deal with the Saints got done after the draft. Also remember the Giants still have their full complement of picks in 2010 so even if a trade doesn‘t happen this weekend there is still plenty of time to get something done before the season starts. In fact, the Browns have reportedly scheduled a last-minute workout with Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey later today.

    The Browns, of course, wouldn’t select Heyward-Bey at #5 and he wouldn’t still be there at #29, but likely would be on the board if the Browns ended up selecting either 12th or 13th. The Browns also reportedy want one of this year’s top young Cs such as Cal’s Alex Mack or Louisville’s Eric Wood, both of whom would likely be available with the Giants’ 29th pick (although its also possible that at least one might still be on the board when the Browns make their second round pick at #36.) What is it we said about herding cats!!

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