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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by locked&loaded, Dec 19, 2005.

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    well. another year another heartbreaker. but its not all bad our defense was playing great for awhile. and if you really want to you can crush our needs down to two positions. the oline and lb's. ya ya i know some say we need qb,wr,s, etc. but those or more of luxuries id say.

    Lb-we need some lb's that are big enough and fast enough to put pressure on the qbs. in the 3/4 if we stay in it the dline isnt suposed to put pressure on the qb. the lbs are. and as of now we have no pressure. ware isnt doing bad but hes getteing raped by OT and even rb. lets face it ware cant do it all. we need another fast lb thats strong, can burrnett be that guy. i seriously dont know casue hes not playing. we also need some big big inside lb that can take on those huge lineman and make some tackles to stop runs. our coverage is good with newman and if henry plays. and arron glenn is a luxury.. roy is great but i still think that hes worrying to much about other positions. and sure a FS would help but i think we can get by.

    Oline- HOLY CRAP. JUST WOW. every play bledsoe got killed, or pressured it was sad.AND BLEDSOE WAY TO HANG IN THERE BUDDY. im being serious, thanks bud you were great (besides the picks you have to give him credit). and then MARION BARBER THEEEEE 3RD. buddy way to run hard, even while our line sucked. well one thing sticks out in this game when bledsoe got sacked hed look up and all he could see is Larry Allen standing there, and then in a circle around them was the other parts of the offensive line laying down. they simply got blown up. BLOWN UP and evne when they didnt it was a stand still at best. we couldnt open up holes.


    so in the draft, these positons need to be adressed. i think all other positions can be addresed in FA or trades. so what does everyone think?
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    #1 need - O-Line

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