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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Look, Dallas needs a top notch run-stuffing DT, and premier WR (that's enough if Terry Glenn returns and Keyshawn is still playing well.) Dallas also needs a good Free Safety and a good corner. Lance Frazier is suprising me, so if he continues to play well, we may not need to select a corner quite so high.

    The tough question is, should Dallas keep it's picks or trade down and get more players. THIS IS MY MAIN POINT. We have to look at the composition of the draft. How many legitmate blue chip players are there? 6? 8? 15? Those would all make a difference. With just a few blue chippers, we don't trade down. With close to 15, Dallas could move down and collect 2 blue chippers for the price of one. The entire team needs to improve, so getting more talent is important.

    Also, you have to consider the Parcells factor. He doesn't put up with head cases, not even to use them in a trade to get more draft picks. That's kind of a wild card. Finding out what the big picture of the draft is, will be important.
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    I think that DT is something we should definitely get, and I'm suprised at the talent waiting down at the end of the first and into the second round. Check out these two DT's.

    Orien Harris

    Official Bio College: Miami (FL) Height: 6-4
    Position: Defensive Tackle Weight: 300
    Class: Junior 40-Yard: 4.80
    Strengths: Very athletic...Good size and frame...Very fast and quick...Very strong...Brings a nasty demeanor to the field...Has a motor that is always running at 100%...Can be a force against the run or as a pass rusher...Still has a ton of upside and potential.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't have a ton of experience...Lacks great technique and relies too much on his natural talent...Needs to continue to work on his technique and master of nuances of the game...Has dealt with some minor injuries.
    Notes: Brother of San Francisco offensive tackle and former 1st Round Pick Kwame Harris...Might just be the next in a long line of great defensive tackles the Hurricanes have produced, following in the footsteps of past stars such as Cortez Kennedy, Warren Sapp, Damione Lewis and Vince Wilfork.


    Haloti Ngata

    Official Bio College: Oregon Height: 6-5
    Position: Defensive Tackle Weight: 345
    Class: Junior 40-Yard: 4.87
    Strengths: Excellent size and a huge frame with long arms...Great athletic ability...Fast and quick...Strong as an ox...Can stuff the run as well as get penetration and rush the passer...Still has a ton of upside.
    Weaknesses: Coming back from a major knee injury...Doesn't have a lot of experience...Still raw and gets by on his talent more often than not at this point.
    Notes: Was a premier recruit coming out of the prep ranks...If he can prove that he is totally healthy Nagata is an intriguing prospect to say the least...The sky is the limit in terms of his potential.

    EITHER OR BOTH of these guys would be GREAT! In the top 100, Harris is ranked 35th and Ngata is ranked 54th!! I would prefer one of them over Hawthorne in the first round. So if they'll be around in the second and third rounds, I saw trade one of the 1st round picks down nearly every rung of the 1st round ladder and get as many picks as we can in the process. Can you imagine loading up with about 1 high first round, 1 low first round, 3 2nd rounders and a 3rd rounder?? Our team would have a HUGE influx of talent provided we can fit it all into the rookie pool. There are some talented players in the second round, and Dallas could do a number on the rest of the league. They are in the driver seat with 2 1st round picks!

    Obvious needs are DT, DE, WR, FS and another promising CB. Of course, we don't have to draft them in that order, just fill the needs as you go, the BPA at one of those positions every time we're on the clock.

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