Draft Dish: Bartell thrills with raw talent

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    Draft Dish: Bartell thrills with raw talent

    SportingNews War Room scouts

    Howard cornerback Ronald Bartell Jr. draws the attention of scouts and executives who watch him play. Bartell is built to be a cornerback with size, speed, outstanding athleticism and incredible leaping ability. But he is raw and will need time to develop, especially his recognition and footwork.

    Bartell is a classic case of a tremendous athlete who relies on natural ability and has not developed his skills and technique. All the physical ability is there and he has great heart. He comes ready to play every game and gives it his all every minute on the field. He shows improvement and impresses with his ability to make in-game adjustments.

    He won't make an immediate impact, but the potential is there for Bartell to be an outstanding cornerback. For that reason he'll be a first-day pick. Look for Bartell's stock to rise when he's seen in workouts.


    Kansas State cornerback Cedrick Williams is a talented, experienced defender with exceptional physical skills. His size, however, will hold him back.

    Williams plays big at times and is physical but will struggle against big receivers. He is relentless and quick, and despite his size he can challenge for most passes because of his outstanding leaping ability. He can make big plays but struggles at times in coverage. His run support will be limited by his size.

    Williams is tough and doesn't back down from anyone. That attitude and desire combined with excellent skills will get him drafted, likely in the middle of Day 2.


    Mississippi State defensive tackle Ronald Fields had to adjust to coaching staff changes and a new 4-3 defense. The Bulldogs' run defense struggled, but Fields is solid. Fields is huge and powerful, can knock back offensive linemen and is a steady run stopper.

    Fields has superior lower-body strength and speed but lacks burst through the line. He will benefit from a conditioning program because he wears down at times. Fields is on the cusp between Days 1 and 2; his lack of conditioning might drop him to Day 2.


    Texas Tech quarterback Sonny Cumbie had a big senior season and might sneak into the end of the draft as a result. Cumbie put up big numbers in a pass-heavy system, throwing for more than 4,000 yards.

    Working against him, however, is the legacy of Tech quarterbacks who had big numbers yet never panned out. Cumbie has good size at 6-4, 220. He is efficient and accurate, but he does not have great arm strength. He led his team to tough victories, which hasn't gone unnoticed.

    Cumbie could find himself drafted in the late rounds.


    Louisville quarterback Stefan LeFors also put up sufficient numbers to get noticed. He makes smart decisions and is a leader. LeFors is a good athlete with a lively, though not extremely strong, arm. He has excellent instincts and is poised in the pocket. When he must he can tuck the ball and run well.

    The problem? LeFors is generously listed at 6-0. His size and concerns about his ability to take a pounding will hold him back and might keep him out of the draft. If selected, LeFors will go in the final rounds.

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