Draft Game #2 Post Combine

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Oh_Canada

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    #9-Anthony Costanzo-I think he's a better fit at RT and like the intensity
    #40-Stefen Wisniewski
    #71-Lawrence Guy
    #109-Denarius Moore
    #140-Rashad Carmicheal
    #171-Alex Green
    #209-Chris Neild
  2. dogberry

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    Do we each get two free agents? Will someone then merge our choices with a Madden program and run it a couple million times to see which way we should go?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This draft assumes that we sign a Safety in FA (Huff?)

    9. JJ Watt DE Wisconsin - Immediate Starter at DE in 34 with pass rush skills. Could be either 34 DE or LOLB. Has those kinds of skills. Would take longer to move to OLB but has the skills to be able to do it. Never stops, never gives up, intelligent and tough. Exceptionally good feet for his size.

    40. Curtis Brown CB Texas - Excellent Speed and Ball Skills. Agility is amoung the best in this draft. Special Teams ace and can play the slot. Will contribute immediately on ST and has skills to replace Newman in our Defensive Backfield.

    71. Marcus Gilchrist RT Florida - 4 year starter protected the blind side for left handed Florida QBs this season. Technically sound, good run blocker. Excellent size and strength for the position. Very intelligent, good leader. At worst, swing tackle for right or left. At best, 10 year RT replacement for Colombo on our OL.

    109. John Moffit G Wisconsin - This guy will not impress you with his athletic skill. He'll just bend your teeth in a phone booth.

    140. Alex Henery K/P Nebraska - Simply the most accurate kicker ever in the NCAA. 3 straight 100 + point seasons. 18-19 this season, his only miss coming on a 51 yard blocked kick. 193 of 194 EXPs in his career. He's also one of the top punters in the country. 69 punts this season for an average of 43.2 YPP. Of the 69 attempts, 26 were inside the 20 and 17 were for 50 yards net gain or better. Not only could he be the answer to our kicking problems but he could easily be the backup punter. With this guy on the team last year, I think we easily win 4 more games and make the playoffs.

    171. David Carter DT UCLA - Carter will play DE in a 34. He did not get an invite to the combine but his showing in post season All Star games was impressive. Carters numbers are not overwhelming but playing in space, at 6-5, he will be able to add weight and keep his speed and quickness.

    209. Zane Taylor C Utah - Taylor has played LT, G and C for Utah. He's massively strong, plays hurt, and is as tough as they come. He's a 4 time all Academic MWC player, extremely intelligent. He will just make the team and be a valuable sub at all 3 interior positions at worst. At best, he will be a solid 10 year Center.
  4. Duane

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    I'm not sold on Watt at 9 but I like this draft a lot.
  5. TheCount

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    Man, if this is the way the draft plays out we are in trouble.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    To be honest Duane, there are players listed higher that I would rather consider at 9 but because of the rules of the draft, can't consider them. If we were at 9, looking at the players on the board we have in this draft, I would probably trade down. That would be my first option but if I had to pick there, it would either be Watt or Aldon Smith at 9.

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