News: Draft Game-Tape Breakdowns: Rd 3 - JJ Wilcox - Safety - Georgia Southern

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    Draft Game-Tape Breakdowns: Rd 3 - JJ Wilcox - Safety - Georgia Southern


    he following is the 4th in a series of draft profiles for the Dallas Cowboys' selected players from April's draft. These profiles are put together after watching significant amounts of game tape from each player, and is an attempt to examine their resumes and play to get an idea of how they might fit in best with Dallas come training camp in Oxnard this summer.

    JJ Wilcox
    Georgia Southern
    6'0, 213
    40 time: 4.53, Bench Press: 17
    February 14, 1991 (Age 22)

    I think we have all heard multiple times over the years that drafting is surely not an "exact science", right?

    There are more than a few variables that make judging one football player against the next a very difficult process that makes most arrive at the conclusion that "they will have to wait and see" whether the Cowboys made the right decision.

    And the 2013 version of that cliche will most likely center on the selection of JJ Wilcox, the man with several interesting tools in his bag, but the question of whether he is ready for his next set of challenges at the unforgiving position in the NFL that veteran QBs target to exploit. He plays safety in a passing league, and the Cowboys will be asking him to do as a starter, sooner rather than later.

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    He is my pet cat this year, I'm hoping the kid just make an impact this year.
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    Too bad Ryan isn't around anymore.

    Would really like to see what he'd do with this guy in his 12-13 man sets.
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    Taylor Heinicke looks like a ballplayer
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    I thought it was JJ Wilcox highlight but I walked away thinking the same thing.

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