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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Chuck 54

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    So far I have the draft grades in our own division as follows:

    Philly = BEST

    Dallas = 2nd BEST (a)

    NYGiants = 2nd BEST (b)

    Skins = Duh...no picks, probably got a starting LB, but gave up next year's #2 to get him.

    Now, before the koolaid drinking BP buttkissing homers attack me because Dallas got everyone they wanted and have had a perfect draft because we're going to a 2-TE set (need) and because our 3rd round DE was BPA (hmmm), button it.

    Of course Philly has had the best draft...they had the earliest picks and the most picks...they are supposed to get the best players, and they did, though the homers will try to say the two OLmen aren't going to be any good and Bunkley couldn't play for us (dumbest thing I read yesterday). The last place team is supposed to have the best draft.

    We expected the Skins to have a lousy draft because they always give away their picks.

    The surprise, imo, is that we manage to have a better draft than the GIANTS...we pick before them, but I expected them to do better...selecting Kiwanuka in round 1 is, imo, a hilarious joke.

    Bottom line....this looks like it will be a decent draft...guys will make the team...hopefully, Carpenter will start from day 1, and hopefully Fasano will prove to be as good or better than Witten since we took him much higher in the draft....hopefully, we'll pick up solid guys today who will make the team and contribute to our future.

    A solid draft by Dallas, but I have to say....Michael, if you read this, I certainly hope this is not a "Defining Draft" as you suggested in your earlier thread...because while I'm not unhappy with this draft, I don't see anything exciting enough to hope it defines our position in the league for the next few years.
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    I will wait tell after the draft to give grade.
  3. Chuck 54

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    AFter day 1, I'd say there's no way the Skins or Giants can have a better draft than us, and due to when we select, there's no way we can or should match the Philly draft...that's how it's designed.

    I think we have the 2nd best draft regardless....and I predict most so-called draft experts will give us a C+.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    I didn't mean this draft would "make us".

    What I meant was this draft would tell us what exactly the Cowboy brain trust thinks of this team.

    Obviously they think we're closer than what maybe we think.

    Certainly they believe our offensive line isn't that bad.

    Nor do they think that Coleman is finished as a FS.

    I'm intrigued by the draft so far.

    We've got two new starters (I'm betting) that are far better than the guys they are replacing (Fujita/Polite).

    That's a good thing-- we're a better team than what we were yesterday.
  5. thewivil

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    You confuses me. If using your logic, we should have a better draft than the Giants because we picked before them.
  6. Chuck 54

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    and what did you think of the last pick...lol...wow...I'm now assuming we have a very solid OL....hahaha.

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