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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 29, 2012.

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    That and what are the numbers when we aren't running draws and delays to scheme movement.

    When the Cowboys run it when the defense knows they're running it, what's the numbers? Laughably bad is what they are. Which is why we had a historically low number of rushing TDs last year.

    I don't need a calculator to know our offensive line sucks.
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    Correct. Which makes this offseason a failure.

    You got the Director of Player Personnel talking about how they tried to win it last year with Alan Ball and Frank Walker on the field. That was the problem.

    But he also tried to win it with Montrae Holland, Phil Costa, Bill Nagy, Derrick Dockery and Kyle Kosier seeing the field too. That was the bigger problem.

    He addressed secondary and ignored primary. Now we try to win it this year with Nate Livings, Phil Costa and MacKenzie Bernadeau.

    I feel like Phil Connors being woken up by "I Got You, Babe" blaring out of the alarm clock.
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    :laugh2: (One of the only pop songs to feature the Oboe) Only time will tell if our "new" O-Line will be an improivement. Having a savvy FB like Vickers and a healthy Murray could also help. I'm not feeling the same level of pessimism as you, but I do have concerns. Is there another shot at FA vets, or is that market all dried up? I make no claim to be an evaluator of Offesnsive Linemen, but I'd love to hear our coaching staff's candid view of the interior guys. (I don't believe I'll hear a real critical assessment, but I can always hope)
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    We got the best defensive player in the draft and it was horrible?
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    I think this will prove to be their best draft in years.

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