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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NJ22, Jan 28, 2014.

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    I see Mel Kiper is not making his draft guide this year. It is one of the resources I use on draft day. I have ordered the Ourlads report in the past but not a fan. What is your report of choice? Thanks
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    I usually go to the bookstore and buy Lindy's, Sporting News, and ProFootball Weekly or something like that. I usually buy one with a team chart so I can write down each pick, comes in handy not having to wait on the ticker when Saturday comes around.
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    I do the same thing, however writing down team picks is pretty smart. I think i'll be doing that.
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    With as much free information on dozens of free websites I couldn't imagine why you would need to buy anything. I'll just have my laptop open in front of me with 3 or 4 different tabs of open.

    And if I'm not mistaken, doesn't someone on this board do a pretty detailed spread sheet with just about everything you could need?
  5. NJ22

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    Mels write ups were pretty extensive. More than you see on websites. I will have my laptop going with a draft spreadsheet documenting the picks. The sheet will also have my own top 200 and top 25 at each position. Draft is my holiday in spite of jerry.
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    to the OP (or anyone else)
    I am putting together an updated excel spreadsheet like I did last year (pretty user-friendly). It has a lot of detail and gives you ways to compare players, positions, etc. the mods put it in this site last year and it got some good reviews. they told me they will get it out there again this year when I am ready...that may help you out...first version will be ready about 2 weeks after the combine (need that data to complete everything)..final version will be ready about 2 weeks before the draft

    PM me if you want more detail

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