Draft in a few hours - need 2 teams

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by TNT, Aug 21, 2004.

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    I had several coworkers want to play fantasy football this year. Well we could not get enough to even field a league of 8. At this time we stand @ 6 teams. If anyone is interested in participating please sign up.

    Draft date/Time: Sat Aug 21 5:00pm PDT

    Legaue ID: 2793
    Password: tarrant

    If we don't get a total of at the very least 8 teams the league will be deleted.
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    We are rebuilding our league that has been going for 8 yrs.
    We currently have 4 teams and would do a merger or new
    league with yours if you do not rise above your 6.

    We will live draft at a nice conference room in an office at the Tollway Arapaho (Bring Beer)on Sept. 2 (late as possible to know all injuries in advance).

    We are a friendly group, low priced, please email me ASAP for details.
  3. TNT

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    We have our 8.

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