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    *1. San Diego Chargers (4-12) - Eli Manning - QB - Mississippi*
    The Chargers have to get it right here after disasters related to Ryan
    Leaf and passing on selecting Michael Vick a few years ago. They need
    start with a franchise caliber QB and Eli may be the most developed
    since his brother Peyton. They have entertained several offers but most
    likely sit on this pick and select a safe franchise QB to turn the page
    on a new era.
    */Alternate Pick: Larry Fitzgerald - WR - Pittsburgh

    *2. **Oakland Raiders- (4-12) - Larry Fitzgerald - WR - Pittsburgh*
    The Raiders will most likely focus on offense with their early
    selections and look to address their aging receiving corps or offensive
    line here. Al Davis likes both Robert Gallery and Larry Fitzgerald and
    will select one if they do not trade back. A number of clubs want to
    move up including the Browns and Patriots.
    */Alternate Pick: Robert Gallery - OT - Iowa

    *3. Arizona Cardinals - 4-12 -** Ben Roethlisberger - QB - Miami (O)
    New head coach Dennis Green is praying that Larry Fitzgerald falls to
    this selection. Green loves Fitzgerald and feels his presence creates a
    potent tandem with last year’s rookie sensation wideout Anquan Boldin.
    They are also set to take QB Ben Roethlisberger here and a solid top
    five selection. They have spoken to the Browns concerning this pick and
    are also prepared to trade back for the right offer.
    */Alternate Pick: Larry Fitzgerald - WR - Pittsburgh

    *4.** New York Giants - 4-12 - Robert Gallery - OT - Iowa*
    The Giants like several prospects here and have also inquired of moving
    up for the first overall selection for Eli Manning. That most likely
    will not get done and they hope OT Robert Gallery falls to them. He
    would address their biggest need. With new head coach Tom Coughlin
    starting a new era they could start with QB Ben Roethlisberger. They
    also like safety Sean Taylor who would give them an enforcer for their
    talented secondary.
    */Alternate Pick: Ben Roethlisberger - QB - Miami (Ohio)

    *5. Washington Redskins - 5-11- **Sean Taylor - S - Miami*
    The Redskins hold only three draft picks and will entertain moving back
    for additional selections. At this position, they like both TE Kellen
    Winslow and safety Sean Taylor who would address major need areas. They
    defensive line is a major problem area and one they hope to address at
    least twice during the first day.
    */Alternate Pick: TE - Kellen Winslow - Miami

    *6. **Detroit - 5-11 - Tommie Harris - DT - Oklahoma*
    The Lions annually select in the top ten selections and have many major
    needs entering this draft with defense and running back the primary
    areas. They should have their chance at any DT or CB at this spot. The
    best three players available could be Winslow, Taylor or Harris and any
    of these prospects would be fine additions. They have talked with the
    Pats about swapping #1 picks plus cornerback Ty Law, which would be an
    excellent deal.
    */Alternate Pick: TE Kellen Winslow - Miami

    *7. **Cleveland - 5-11 - Kellen Winslow - TE - Miami ** -*
    The Browns covet several prospects that may be out of their reach –
    Gallery, Winslow and Taylor. They love Gallery and are willing to move
    to the 3rd overall selection for their #2 pick. Winslow would open up
    their passing game while Taylor can be the playmaker their secondary
    lacked over their short existence.
    */Alternate Pick: FS Sean Taylor - Miami

    *8.** Atlanta - 5-11 - Roy Williams - WR - Texas*
    The Falcons return to the 4-3 defense and are expected to add several
    front four defenders. They have Tommie Harris on their short list and
    would be a good fit for their scheme. With young Michael Vick possibly
    the premier player in the league, they need to add playmakers at
    and in a very deep class, could have a shot at Roy Williams to
    compliment Peerless Price.
    */Alternate Pick: Tommie Harris - DT - Oklahoma

    *9. Jacksonville Jaguars - 5-11 - **D.J. Williams - LB - Miami*
    The Jaguars continue to rebuild their club and have clear needs at wide
    receiver and on defense. They lack many playmakers at linebacker and a
    defender like D.J. Williams would be a solid addition for their front
    seven. They also like CBs Robinson and Hall and could address the
    secondary with one of their early selections.
    */Alternate Pick: Dunta Robinson - CB - South Carolina

    *10.** Houston - 5-11 - Dunta Robinson - CB - South Carolina*
    The Texans look to address their average defense early and often here.
    They want a run stuffer in the middle, a top cover man and an attack
    linebacker to rush the QB. They like DT Vince Wilfork in addition to
    corners Robinson and Hall. They expect to add pass rushers in the 2^nd
    and 3^rd rounds.
    */Alternate Pick: Vince Wilfork - DT - Miami

    *11. Pittsburgh- 6-10 - Philip Rivers- QB - North Carolina St.*
    The Steelers have major needs in their secondary and at QB. They will
    most likely use their top pick at this position. They like both QB
    Philip Rivers and CB Dunta Robinson here and both prospects would be
    excellent additions.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Dunta Robinson - CB - South Carolina

    *12. **New York Jets - 6-10 - DeAngelo Hall - CB - Virginia Tech*
    The Jets hope to rebuild their back seven on defense here and are
    debating LBs Vilma and Williams and CBs Robinson and Hall. Hall
    addresses two major needs and would be an excellent addition. They like
    both backers on a changing unit that released vets Mo Lewis and Marvin
    Jones this offseason.
    */Alternate Pick: D.J. Williams - LB - Miami

    *13. Buffalo - 6-10 - Will Smith - DE - Ohio St.***
    The Bills are at the crossroads in this draft and look to add their
    future starting passer and the best pass rusher they can select on the
    first day. They like Philip Rivers but he is most likely gone by this
    selection. They also like both ends Will Smith and Kenechi Udeze with
    Smith being the safer pick.*/
    Alternate Pick: Philip Rivers - QB - N.C. St.

    *14. Chicago - 7-9 - Vince Wilfork - DT - Miami*
    The Bears hope to add some bulk along their front four to protect LB
    Brian Urlacher. They like Wilfork very much and will select him in a
    heartbeat. They have pressing needs along their defensive line and
    secondary as well as an OT and playmaker at receiver. They would like
    address their defense here with tackle and corner high on their list.
    */Alternate Pick: DeAngelo Hall - CB - Virginia Tech

    *15. **Tampa Bay - 7-9 -/ /Jonathan Vilma - LB - Miami*
    The Bucs have many needs on their once dominant defense that has
    undergone several major changes this offseason. They have specific
    at tackle, cornerback and linebacker. They are hoping one of the top
    tackles is still on the board, which is somewhat questionable with the
    expected run from the 5^th thru 14^th selections. They like both Harris
    and Wilfork. With losses at linebacker each of the past two years a
    defender like Vilma will get strong consideration here. They also have
    needs at corner and would love to select Robinson or Hall here but both
    are expected to go a few picks in front of this spot.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Kenechi Udeze - DE - USC

    *16.** San Fran - 7-9 - Kenechi Udeze - DE - USC*
    The 49ers have a major rebuilding mainly on offense, though they could
    address defense with this pick. They seek another upfield pass rusher
    and like Udeze very much and he is a possibly available here. They lost
    both starting wideouts Owens and Streets and could draft into the
    strength of the draft and select one of the top receivers, Reggie
    Williams, Lee Evans or Michael Clayton. Expect two receivers on the
    first day.
    */Alternate Pick: Reggie Williams/**/ - WR - Washington

    *17. Denver Broncos (Cincinnati Bengals) - Steven Jackson - RB - Oregon
    The Broncos may not be done trading up in this round. They have major
    needs at wideout, running back and on defense in general. They like
    several wideouts Lee Evans, Michael Clayton and Reggie Williams. They
    will have their choice most likely of any running back on the board or
    maybe the 2^nd highest rated linebacker. If they moved up further, they
    would be interested in wideout Roy Williams, LB D.J. Williams or Jon
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Will Smith - DE - Ohio St.

    *18. New Orleans - 8-8 - Chris Gamble - CB - Ohio St.*
    The Saints want Jonathan Vilma more than any defender on the board but
    he most likely will not make it to this selection. They will focus on
    the back seven on defense with cornerback also a high priority. With
    Gamble falling, he could be available and a great addition at this
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Jonathan Vilma - LB - Miami

    *19. Minnesota - 9-7 - Shawn Andrews - OT - Arkansas*
    The Vikings could go in a number of directions. They have needs at
    wideout and OT on offense with cornerback and defensive end on defense.
    They want a premier defensive lineman and hope Will Smith is still
    available. They will consider the deep receiver class here as well as a
    few top offensive linemen like Andrews and Carey.
    */Alternate Pick: Will Smith - DE - Ohio St.

    *20. Miami - 10-6 - Vernon Carey - OG - Miami*
    The Dolphins hope to address their offensive line here and could have
    their choice of Andrews or Carey who they like both. They could
    and draft into the deep receiver class especially if Michael Clayton is
    still on board.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Shawn Andrews - OT - Arkansas

    *21. New England (Balt) -10-6 - M**arcus Tubbs - DT - Texas*
    The Pats addressed the RB position with the Dillon trade and would like
    to land one of the top DTs to pair with Seymour and Warren in their
    front three. Tubbs could play any spot on a 3-4 front as well as DT in
    4-3, which they also like to use at times. Belichick likes to mix
    up on D, and Tubbs allows them some versatility.Pats want to package #
    picks to move up for safety Sean Taylor int top ten most likely the
    */Alternate Pick: Karlos Dansby - LB - Auburn

    *22. Dallas - 10-6 - Will Poole - CB - USC*
    Dallas would love to find Steven Jackson on the board at this spot, but
    that is not very likely. If they cannot trade up or he does not fall to
    them, they could look at one of the top young corners like Poole to
    with Newman. Then address the RB spot on round 2 with Chris Perry or
    Julius Jones.
    */Alternate Pick: Steven Jackson - RB - Oregon St.

    *23. Seattle - 10-6 - Darnell Dockett - DT - Florida St.*
    With the loss of three veteran tackles, the Seahawks need an infusion
    talent and youth at the DT position. Dockett is a disruptive quick
    penetrator that could fill the same type of role that John Randle did
    and would be a fine pick here.
    */Alternate Pick: M/**/arcus Tubbs - DT - Texas

    *24. Cincinnati Bengals (Denver) - 10-6 - **Randy Starks - DT -
    The Bengals lost some of their depth here and could dip into the deep
    and talented DT pool available in this draft by selecting a powerful
    stuffer to rotate with starters Williams and Thornton. They could also
    go for a young corner to pair with veteran James, taking into
    consideration the Weathersby situation.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Will Poole - CB - USC

    *25. Green Bay Packers (10-6) -/ /J.P. Losman - QB - Tulane***
    The Packers know that Brett Favre can’t play forever and could look to
    guy who is physically very similar in Losman. He has the same cannon
    and movement skills as Favre and would be well served by a 2-3 year
    tutelage under the master. If they feel this position could be
    later, then a DT from the top group could also get strong
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Randy Starks - DT - Maryland

    *26. St. Louis Rams - 12-4 - Antwan Odom - DE - Alabama*
    The Rams lost a key defender in Wistrom and should waste little time in
    finding a replacement. Actually Odom would be a better fit on the left
    and have Leonard Little move to the right side. They would be ecstatic
    if somehow Will Smith fell to them here as well. They like CB Poole.
    */Alternate Pick: Will Poole - CB - USC

    *27. Tennessee Titans - **12-4 - Kevin Jones - RB - Virginia Tech*
    The Titans know that with the massive workload he has undertaken for
    year after year that Eddie George cannot go on forever. Even with the
    talented Chris Brown on hand they could still look at add the very
    and gifted Jones for more options at this key position in their ball
    control offense. With the loss of Kearse, they could also look to add a
    DE fairly early in the process.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Marquise Hill - DE - LSU

    *28. Philadelphia Eagles - (**12-4 - Lee Evans - WR - Wisconsin*
    Even with the addition of Terrell Owens, the Eagles need more of an
    infusion of talent at the WR spot. Some recent early picks have been
    slow to develop and Thrash has been traded back from whence he came.
    Evans has the deep speed to be a fine compliment to the workhorse
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Michael Clayton - WR - LSU

    *29. Indianapolis - 12-4 - Karlos Dansby - LB - Auburn*
    After the loss of Marcus Washington, Dansby would seem like a natural
    fit for the Colts to fill his role and add a fast athletic playmaker,
    the kind that Coach Dungy likes, to their defense, where multiple
    additions need to be made over the two-day draft.
    */Alternate Pick: Will Poole - CB - USC

    *30. Kansas City - 13-3 - Michael Clayton - WR - LSU*
    The Chiefs have many receivers on hand, but do not have a true blue
    go-to wideout to take the pressure off Gonzalez consistently. Both
    Clayton and Woods have the kind of advanced level of development to be
    able to contribute significantly as a rookie. Either one would be a
    fit, but we have Clayton rated higher so place him here.
    */Alternate Pick:/** /Rashaun Woods - WR - Oklahoma St.

    *31. Carolina -11-5 - Reggie Williams - WR - Washington*
    In almost any other draft there is no way a fine talent like Williams
    would be on the board this late, but in the rich WR draft of ’04, this
    is very possible. The group of Evans, Clayton, R.Williams and Woods
    could come off the board in several different orders, but we’ll place
    Reggie here. With the mass exodus from their secondary, the Panthers
    could also look for a fine young corner like the experienced Strait to
    fill the spot opposite Ricky Manning.
    */Alternate Pick: Derrick Strait - CB - Oklahoma

    *32. New England - 14-2 - Rashaun Woods - WR- Oklahoma St.*
    The Pats need more depth on defense and with the talent pool being deep
    along the front wall, they could go for more help here with their
    propensity to mix things up on defense. They do like Marquise Hill very
    much. If one of the bigger WRs falls to them, they could also go this
    way to mix him in with their smaller speedy wideouts. Woods would be an
    excellent addition to their receiving corps.
    */Alternate Pick: /**/Marquise Hill - DE - LSU

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