Draft our next QB in '14.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Oct 13, 2013.

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    IF JFB is there when the Cowboys draft, they will have to lock Jerry in the closet.
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    The last time the Cowboys used a first-round pick on a quarterback was Troy Aikman. The only teams that have gone longer are the Saints and the Chiefs. Not the most successful franchises.

    Describing someone as the next Tony Romo or Andy Dalton doesn't exactly ring my bell. How about we get the next Peyton Manning, instead?
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    How many Peyton Mannings come along? You want to wait for the next one?

    Because of the contract there is no way Jerruh gets a QB until at LEAST 2015. And then he would be sitting for a year.
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    Much of this post is simply not true. He's clearly improved as a passer and decreased any reliance on running, though he still is an excellent scrambler. He doesn't just "tuck and run" at all. Here are the stats that prove it:

    Through 8 games this season, Manziel has completed 184 out of 252 pass attempts (73.0%) for 2594 yards & 22 TDs. Comparing to last year at this point - through 8 games last season he was 173 out of 269 (64.3%) for 2216 yards & 16 TDs. So he's improved his passing accuracy, yardage, and number of touchdowns.

    As a rusher he has completed 89 rushes for 497 yards this season. Through 8 games last year he had ran for 118 attempts and 793 yards. He's learned to go down before taking a big hit when he's running, too. For the most part anyway, his shoulder injury against Auburn notwithstanding.

    What *is* true is that he has had excellent offensive lines the past 2 seasons that have both pass blocked very well. He spreads the ball around very well, not every pass is to Mike Evans. He's completed passes to 17 different guys this season. And last year two of his favorite targets were Ryan Swope and Uzoma Nwachukwu. Swope was drafted by the Cardinals but had to medically retire, and Nwachukwu is on the Texans. So Manziel clearly has had more than just one receiver that he chucks it up on every play to.

    How he does in the NFL remains to be seen, as you'd expect from any college qb. But your description of his play in college isn't right, in my opinion.
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    I agree. This seems like the right time to draft a QB. He won't have to start right away and can learn under Romo.
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    Yup... this is a deep enough draft that I'm sure there is at least one franchise guy to be had outside the first round.. Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Andy Dalton have all been selected outside of the first round in recent years.

    I think Murray is that franchise guy, especially in Dallas since he plays like Romo and has a similar skill set.
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    I don't think we drafted one at all - got to money tied up in Romo

    the only other thing is to think late rounder or UDFA
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    gotta look at

    Tom Savage – QB – Pittsburgh
    The 2014 NFL draft class seems to get heavier and heavier with quarterback talent every day. After Zach Mettenberger entered the spotlight for LSU, another name has begun to creep up the lists for year-round experts. Though Tom Savage doesn’t play for an elite program at Pittsburgh, it’s worth noting he comes from the same school that produced Dan Marino. Savage will receive low marks for playing less quality competition but scouts aren’t fooled because they can see the measurable lining up. At 6’3″ he has optimum height and the game tape shows a pro arm with plenty of accuracy to back it up. He was a hot topic as a freshman at Rutgers but after two transfers to Arizona and then Pitt, he’s only now getting back on the map.

    plus he has Paul Chyrst as HC at Pitt

    He is well built at 6-foot-3, 245 pounds


    A few weeks later, I watched this quarterback throw for six touchdowns while completing 23 of 33 passes for 424 yards against Duke. He showed that he could make every throw, connecting on deep passes, crossing routes, throwing out to the sideline, and checking it down to a running back. Perhaps most impressive, he was able to perfectly lead his receivers so they didn't have to slow down to make a reception.

    So why isn't anyone talking about Savage? Much of the reason might be that, entering the 2013 season, he hadn't taken a snap since 2010 and simply fell off the map. After starting as a true freshman at Rutgers in 2009, winning eight games and garnering team offensive MVP honors, he was injured early in 2010 and decided to transfer to Arizona. He sat out the 2011 season because of the NCAA's transfer rules, then transferred to Pittsburgh and sat out the 2012 season.
    Because of the missed time, Savage enters Saturday's game against Virginia Tech with just 20 starts. Typically, you'd like for a college quarterback to have about 30 starts, giving him time to improve his ability to read defenses on the field rather than on a chalkboard or on tape.
    Time will tell if Savage continues to progress, but through six weeks, he has come out of nowhere to emerge as a prospect to watch and is the player who's excited me the most this season
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    Dont take Murray...as an avid SEC football fan...he was unfortunate to play in the BAMA era of pure domination, but something about him just doesn't scream future franchise QB. Granted I could be wrong, but thats just my opinion.

    I like Jameis Winston.
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    Derek Carr.
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    Not true, Rodgers was a 2nd rd pick I would put him up vs any QB out there. Brady was not a 1, Joe Montana was not a 1, Warren Moon was not a 1. There are many 1st rd bust QB in the history of this league and yes some very good 1st rd picks but what rd they are selected is not what will determine their success or failure.
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    sad fact is that in the last 10 years or so just how many QBs that really are good were NOT picked in the 1st rd. Brees and Romo and who else?

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    If we are talking about Aaron Rodgers, he was the 24th pick of the 1st round in the 2005 NFL Draft.
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    You are correct my mistake, he was taken late 1st rd. However does not change the fact that a QB does not need to be a 1st pick to become a great QB.
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    what about AJ McCarron of Alabama? Granted he doesn't light up the passing stats but all the guy has done is win and win some more.
    I do like Carr okay too from the limited amount I've seen of him.
    I like Murray a lot but have kinda soured on him a bit recently. I DO like UGA's RB, Gurley.
    If we're foolish enough to not draft a QB this year if a good one falls to us early, then I would at least hope we don't pass on the top RBs again.

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    Never said one thing about where you take QBs. However, since you bring it up, the stats say that QBs taken in the 1st round have a much higher probability of making it in the NFL. Now, it is possible that because of the salary scale now in place, those numbers might change a bit. Teams no longer have as large of an investment so the pressure to keep high picks on the roster are not as great. We will have to see how that plays out.

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    I like McCarron a lot. He does two things very well that the NFL likes. He takes care of the ball and he throws very accurately deep.

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