Draft Overview: This Was Actually A Solid Draft For Us

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. IAmLegend

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    1. #70 C Travis Frederick, Wisconsin
    1st Round, 31st Pick (31st Overall)


    2. #89 TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State
    2nd Round, 15th Pick (47th Overall)


    3. #83 WR Terrance Williams, Baylor
    3rd Round, 12th Pick (74th Overall)


    4. #27 S J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern
    3rd Round, 18th Pick (80th Overall)


    5. CB B.W. Webb, William & Mary
    4th Round, 17th Pick (114th Overall)


    6. RB Joseph Randle, Oklahoma State
    5th Round, 18th Pick (151st Overall)


    7. LB DeVontee Holloman, South Carolina
    6th Round, 17th Pick (185th Overall)


    All in all, a pretty solid draft after that 1st round debacle. Only thing I'm disappointed in is that we drafted ZERO lineman after Frederick. Not happy about that, but Jerry could've done much worse, and I certainly expected him to.
  2. JoeyBoy718

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    I like it. Really all we need to do the rest of this offseason is get one or two vet OLmen.
  3. Titleist

    Titleist Well-Known Member

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    Like everything but the second round pick. TE wasn't a big need for us...could have used another OL, IMO
  4. Questfor6

    Questfor6 Well-Known Member

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    One of the better late round drafts this team has had, I personally love what we've done now give me Clabo/Winston and Sedrick Ellis and I'm good.
  5. dexternjack

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    Some good players but the lines and safety were barely addressed. Not sold on Wilcox to help at safety this season and only one OL.

    Got to get Winston, Moore or Clabo to make this draft a success IMO. If that happens, then job well done.
  6. burmafrd

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    the draft is done. FA is not.
  7. johnnyd

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    me too would have love brian winters there instead . my rue player :D
  8. Ultimategamer5567

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    It's almost certain that Dallas will sign one of those three.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    I think we got good value with most of the picks, meaning guys were picked where they should have been. I just don't like the picks. I don't like a TE in the second, don't like another project at safety. We needed to do more along the offensive line.
  10. Hoofbite

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    The first round is the least of my concerns at this point.

    Taking another TE and a presumed #3 WR who combined will likely get the snaps of a full time starter are worse moves, IMO.

    Took luxury picks who are going to be role players when they likely could have gotten starting OL.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Yep, with some of the offensive lineman we passed up on, I feel we could have come out of this draft with 2-3 guys who could have competed for starting spots this season.
  12. lwehlers

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    I wish we could have drafted a passrushing defensive end. I do not like the tightend. for a tightend not know for blocking he may not get about ten snaps a game. I like the wr Williams he will in time be a good number four wr for us this year. now we can put harris and Austin in the slot. the secondary players are special teams players and hope one of them in the future be partime starters. I am not surprised about the lack of offensive line. I do not like that they did not take a young tackle.
  13. Boyzmamacita

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    I agree that we neglected the OLine, but how likely are rookie linemen to excel from day one? I'm sure Frederick will be a starter, but it usually takes offensive linemen a few years to develop, so those would've been "future picks" and everybody would've been complaining about that. Hopefully they will address it in free agency.
  14. wileedog

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    In fact as much as I think we reached for Frederick he's probably my favorite pick - solid player at a position of absolute need.

    I don't think I can say that about anyone else we selected. Maybe Randle with Murray's injury history. Everyone else is a project, backup, or as you said role player. And we are not a team with so few holes we should be drafting like that.
  15. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    I think Bailey could have started at some point in the season. That is the only pick I feel they missed out on in the later rounds.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    On this team, it shouldn't be hard for a rookie lineman to step in and start from day one.
  17. jason54858

    jason54858 Gloomy Sunday

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    Agreed kinda the only pick that sticks out to me
  18. cowboyfan4life2

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    If you pick the right guy, and have the right coaches you can. I bet you there will be ol who were taken in the later rounds, who step in and help their teams this year/
  19. NickZepp

    NickZepp Well-Known Member

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    In the end I agree. It's like we are thinking with 2 different minds here, unless we were just going for BPA all draft.
  20. CopenhagenCowboy

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    This will be a more valuable draft class than last year's.

    Still room to improve, though.

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