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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ceasaleo88, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I'm not sure of names yet so I'll save the mock for later on, but I do think I have the strategy that we'll follow in the draft. 1st of all I may be in the minority, but I'm glad we sent those picks to Detroit for Roy the WR. We would have spent that 1st on WR anyway. And because of the wheeling and dealing we've done, sending the 3rd and 6th doesn't really hurt, cuz we've stockpiled picks. Here's how our picks are looking:
    2 (51)
    3 (69) - top 5 pick in the round
    4 (97) - first pick in the round
    4 (113)
    5 (149)
    5 (160)
    5 (COMP)
    6 (185)
    6 (COMP)
    7 (?)
    7 (?)

    I added comp picks for Julius Jones and Jacques Reeves. But as u can see we'll be heavy factors in the 2nd day of the draft, maybe sending a couple of those extra 2nd day picks to move around in the 1st day.

    Our highest priorities heading into this offseason are (IMO) : S, NG, OL, DE, speedy WR, backup QB
    I can see us attacking the S and NG positions the same way we attacked the CB position last year, drafting multiple guys. Safeties and Nose Guards aren't premium positions, so we may have a chance to land a top talent at one or both of these positions without having a high pick.

    Here's how I'd do it:
    2 (51) - S -best ballhawk
    3 (69) - OL- best inside guy
    4 (97) - NG- big body run stopper
    4 (113) - S-big time hitter with coverage ability
    5 (149) - DE- someone to push Spears/Hatcher, might be bigger priority if Canty isn't resigned
    5 (160) - WR- speed guy, punt returner
    5 (COMP) - OL- tackle with potential
    6 (185) - QB- backup to groom
    6 (COMP) - NG- big body run stopper
    7 - BPA
    7 - BPA

    What u think? And if any of u guys want to fill in some names go ahead
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    I could see us going 2 S's and 2 NT's but I don't think you'll see S that early.

    As bad as Roy has been I think we have are starting S's already for 2009.

    Draft one to develop in case Roy flounders again (4th round).

    I think you're missing an OLB behind Ware and to replace Ellis eventually.

    We tried to draft depth there last year.

    The biggest question from your draft is who is your WILB next to James?

    I think we need to add a real weapon there.

    Not someone who is a JAG?
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    Free agency will shape our draft needs again this year.

    We do have a ton of draft picks but what we really end up with after Jerry does his thing is anyones guess.

    I doubt we sit around until the 51st pick before we make our first selection.

    One of the things I really want to come out of this draft with is our first round pick next year. I hope Jerry doesn't doesn't use that to move up.
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    See, I don't think we'll do much in free agency this year myself. Too expensive and not a lot of starting roles to fill. We'll maybe add some LB's, if we lose some of our FA's and possibly a backup NT, maybe a vet QB if a decent one shakes loose.

    I think we'll be using our picks to address all our other needs and depth, but I'm sure Jerry won't be able to resist the urge to wheel and deal, he never does, for better or worse.
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    I think the philosophy should be less about positioning and more about character and attititude. They need to continue drafting good people, but also with more intensity and leadership ability.

    People like Delmas, Kropog, Rashad Johnson, Holtzclaw and Ellerbe all come to mind.
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    I am compelete agreement on Rashad Johnson, he is little Ed with a big stick, that would be so unfair to the rest of the NFC east. Ed Reed in case you were wondering. It looks good for LB in the FA market, backup QB not so good other that Kurt Warner, Kyle Boller, that is a lot money to tie up, especially considering Demarcus gets his payday this year.
    At our current position no one stands out in the Draft at DT/OL, I would agree it is doubtful we remain static with this many picks. It is clear that next year the NFC east is going to be a beast of a division, Washington may get their receivers all on the same page, eagles may get another wide receiver, heaven knows what the Giants will do, pretty sure Brandon Jacobs will still be visiting us. Do you want Bobby Carpenter one on one with him? Or for that matter Ken Hamlin as the last line of defense?
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    when do they actually announce the compensatory picks?
  8. DaBoys4Life

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    you forget the nathan jones compensation pick....I'd be upset if we drafted like that....curious as you felt the need not to address LB yet double up on some positions where we have pro bowl players at.
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    I think we address LB in free agency. I really have a feeling that Jerry has Ray Lewis targeted to take Zach place on the inside. If not then ILB slides up my priority list. I think we may look at some depth at OLB if the value is there, but I think the value picks will end up being safety and DT.
  10. Ceasaleo88

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    First let me say that I'm no pro scout, I'm not even a fake *** Mel Kiper. Just a Cowboys fan that thinks he may know a lil something bout the game from playing for over half of my 30 years on this Earth.

    Now that's that's out the way, I've come up with a couple of names that caught my interest over the College Football season and Bowl games. Just focused on the positions that I named in the beginning of this thread. So here they r in no particular order. I reserve the right to add and subtract from this list as the offseason goes on LOL. Tell me what u guys think.

    Rashad Johnson (Bama)
    Derek Pegues (Miss St.)
    Louis Delmas (W. Mich)
    Chip Vaughn (WF)
    Kevin Ellison (USC)

    Nose Guard:
    BJ Raji (BC)
    Dorell Scott (Clemson)
    Ron Brace (BC)
    Antonio Dixon (The U) -- this guy really deserves a chance, if u know his story

    Herman Johnson (LSU) G
    Louis Vasquez (Tx Tech) G
    Cedric Dockery (Texas)
    Alex Mack (Cal) C
    Jason Smith (Baylor) T
    Mike Tepper (Cal) T
    Garrett Reynolds (UNC) T

    Tyson Jackson (LSU)
    Jeremy Navarre (MD)
    Clinton McDonald (Memphis)
    Mitch King (Iowa)

    Jordan Norwood (Penn St.)
    Quan Cosby (Texas)
    Derek Kinder (Pitt)
    Tiquan Underwood (Rutgers)

    Colt McCoy (Texas)
    Graham Harrell (Tx Tech)
    Ben Olson (UCLA)
    Josh Freeman (K. St)

    OK rip it up guys
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    Here's how I'd do it:
    2 (51) - S -best ballhawk
    3 (69) - OL- best inside guy
    4 (97) - NG- big body run stopper
    4 (113) - S-big time hitter with coverage ability
    5 (149) - DE- someone to push Spears/Hatcher, might be bigger priority if Canty isn't resigned
    5 (160) - WR- speed guy, punt returner
    5 (COMP) - OL- tackle with potential
    6 (185) - QB- backup to groom
    6 (COMP) - NG- big body run stopper
    7 - BPA
    7 - BPA

    First, I think you zoners are missing some things, or unaware. Someone posted that the cowboys are only getting one compensation pick, they dont get anything for nathan jones or reeves.

    Next, I think some of you are forgetting 2 big things. First Jerry Jones said that 30 % of this team is going to be gone next year. That means 7 to 12 players, most likely 10. Brad Johnson, Tank Johnson for sure.

    Most likely bobby carpenter, he has done zip and zach thomas too, since zach is too small for inside linebacker. Thats 4 players right there, maybe adam jones, but I dont think the cowboys will cut loose with him because of the potential.

    That leaves 6 players or more gone on this team. Now, with log jam at WR, with T O, Roy Williams your 2 starting WRs next year, Hurd, and Miles Austin whom has the most potential, I think you will see crayton traded. With the logjam at WR, crayton doesnt have too many opportunities to get the ball, so seems to me, you can trade him for a veteran linebacker. Carpenter you could trade for Beck.

    We may have been shopping McQuistan when he played the last game the 2nd half for a trade to the Dolphins. Also, we all know how Parcells and Sparano coveted Bobby Carpenter and McQuistan.

    Hostile mentioned the Cowboys strongly interestred in Beck the QB, but I am not fond of him and he is like 27 now too. I see a trade with Carpenter, Crayton and McQuistan for sure. You might see Tony Curtis traded too, and rodney hannah taking curtis spot.

    Thats 7 players or 8 if you add in adam jones. The punter that took mcbrair spot most likely be cut, if before the draft is done and the cowboys see if mcbrairs leg is fine.

    You might even see Proctor traded too, and I dont really like him either Proctor that is, but if proctor goes, mcquistan might stay.

    Finally, Jerry Jones said the team will not be big spenders in free agency, since they like only have about 10 million to 15 million left for next year.

    Its going to take a big load of money to keep Ware, then you have Canty, Burnett and Austin to sign. Along with the draft picks.

    Now as far as the draft picks, I think the Cowboys will package draft picks, move up some in 2nd round, and 3rd round maybe with the 4th round picks to get some really good players. I dont see the cowboys trading up into the first round, would cost too much.

    I do see S, OG or OT, OLB, if greg ellis is cut or traded, ILB via draft pick or trade, and backup good QB. Finally, a big NT. Do that with hopefully Shanahan coming to the Cowboys either as head coach or offensive coordinator to take over for wade phillips either this year or 2010,this team should be ready.

    What this team needs is like they did in the early 90's when they traded for Steve Beurlein, Thomas Everett a ball halking playmaker at safety and Charles Haley. This helped the Cowboys to the superbowls, and those players were leaders on this team, along with Jay Novachek whom the cowboys got in free agency.

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