Draft prospects for 11 losing teams

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    Draft prospects for 11 NFL teams with losing records at midseason Story Highlights
    QB-needy Bills, Panthers among teams who may battle for Andrew Luck
    Prince Amukamara would give Cowboys much-needed help in secondary
    With Brett Favre on his last legs, would Vikings draft Jake Locker?

    If he decides to turn pro, Stanford's Andrew Luck likely will be regarded as the top quarterback prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft.
    Peter Read Miller/SI

    With the NFL season at the midway point, optimistic fan bases are looking toward the postseason. But what about the 11 teams with losing records? With their focus perhaps more on the future, let's take a look at their potential biggest needs and the current college prospects who might be available when their turn comes in next April's draft. (*Denotes underclassmen)

    Buffalo Bills
    2010 Record: 0-7
    Potential needs: QB, pass rusher

    Andrew Luck*/QB/Stanford: The growing consensus is Luck will be the first pick of the draft if he opts for the NFL, and most expect the redshirt sophomore to make himself eligible. He could be the franchise quarterback the Bills have been looking for since the retirement of Jim Kelly. Luck is NFL-ready and will be taking snaps early in his professional career.

    Robert Quinn*/DE-OLB/North Carolina: Despite being ruled ineligible for the season, Quinn is a disruptive defensive presence who can stand up over tackle in Buffalo's 3-4 alignment or line up at defensive end should the Bills revert to a conventional defense. His upside warrants consideration in the draft's opening selections.

    Carolina Panthers
    2010 Record: 1-6
    Potential Needs: QB, WR

    Andrew Luck*/QB/Stanford: Although Carolina selected Jimmy Clausen in the second round of the 2010 draft, Luck is just too enormous a talent to pass up if he's available.

    AJ Green*/WR/Georgia: Green, another underclassmen expected to enter the draft, is a game-breaking playmaker at receiver. He's a larger and more explosive version of Steve Smith.

    Dallas Cowboys
    2010 Record: 1-6
    Potential Needs: DL, RT

    Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska: Amukamara offers the Cowboys immediate help in the secondary. He's a high character prospect who would also add quality off the field.

    Marcell Dareus*/DL/Alabama: Dareus has the talent to play a number of spots up front and could easily be All-Pro potential if he applies himself.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/20...ason-draft-prospects/index.html#ixzz14u1cvfEv

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