Draft Rundown -- Versatility Boosting Stock For Iowa DE

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NextGenBoys, Apr 18, 2011.

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    After covering Iowa football for the last two seasons, I can honestly say this guy is someone who can really help the team. Can play inside our outside in a 4man front, and also has the size to play outside in a 3-4. You know he has been coached extremely well too if he's a defensive linemen from Iowa.

    Name: Christian Ballard
    Position: Defensive End
    College: Iowa
    Height/Weight: 6-4/290
    Age: 22

    Strengths: His versatility has increased his overall draft value, moving him from once a mid-round pick to possibly a late-first or early-second round selection. Some defensive ends aren't good fits for certain schemes, but Ballard should be able to play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. To fit a 3-4 scheme like the Cowboys, he has enough strength to hold his own inside, but has some athletic ability to be a viable pass-rushing option as well. From the ideal size, to the combination of run-stopping and pass-rushing, Ballard would be a solid fit for any team.

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    If I had a choice I think I would rather have his team mate Karl Klug if push came to shove. Karl just seems to always get the job done and not always pretty but always effective.
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    Klug has a high motor, but I can't see him going to a 3-4 team though. Could be wrong, but I see him strictly as 4-3.

    However if Matt Kroul can play the nose and outside for the Jets, maybe Klug can too.

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