Draft strategy - Extremeskins style!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Phrozen Phil, Mar 11, 2007.

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    I found this post on Extremeskins in which discussion is had regarding their proposed draft strategy. Several of the posters there believe that you can simply trade future picks to bring results this year. This is an interesting approach, as it appears that tomorrow never comes. The challenge I see here is the risk that partners may not want to trade and the belief that teams simply look at their draft value chart and be happy to trade away future picks. While the draft is a crap shoot, it is a way to build a team for the future. I'm not sold on the idea that you can simply dictate trade with teams for this approach. I thought I'd include the quote from that forum. This guy's views are shared by a healthy chunk of Redskins fans.

    "I believe we will do a combination of things in this draft because it is so strong in our areas of need.

    a). If QB B.Quinn falls to us I think we trade #6 to [HOU] for #8 & #73.

    b). The we trade #8 to [GB] for #16, & #47 so that they can jump Buffalo
    to get RB M.Lynch. And we draft either DE A.Carriker, or DT A. Okoye.

    c). I think we will Trade A. Archuleta, & '08 pick to [CHI] for pick #63

    Giving us picks 1/16, 2/47, 2/63, 3/73

    #16 A. Carriker DE Nebraska
    #47 J. Blalock OG Texas
    #63 B. Patrick TE Delaware
    #73 D. Hughes CB California

    I used a compilation of Ourlads scounting service, Mel Kiper, and Scouts.com for my research and projections. While some of you may see this as fantasy, let me say none of us really know where players will be drafted and this is as likely as any of the mocks I've seen."

    Is this the year that nobody bites for this kind of trade? What do you guys think?
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    Do they trade Archuleta and next year's #1 to get the #63 pick?
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    Who's going to take Archuleta with his salary?
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    I'm assuming the only guy that the OP thinks would is Lovie Smith... with their STL connection.

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