News: Draft strategy/trade remains puzzling

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wood, May 2, 2013.

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    Any way you shake it down 2 for 1 is what Dallas got.

    2 for 1 helps the current roster more.

    Hill just wants to insist that his rhetoric is correct.

    As it stands we landed Terrance Williams who could be the steal of the Draft.
  2. T-RO

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    For another franchise it would be a dizzying act of stupidity that would stain the franchise for years and rock the local media. But for the's just another pathetic chapter. Bidness as usual in the Rally Blanch era.

    We have an addled 70-year old drunk part-timer for a GM. So it is what it is.
  3. T-RO

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    As it falls we could could have had a stud DT (top 10 on our board) AND Frederick and heck...maybe even Terrence Williams as well.
  4. Eric_Boyer

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    i call bull .

    scouts are obviously the catalyst behind the draft board order, but they don't decide if a team trades up or down.

    If scouts are sore because we traded down, fire them.

    but there is no need. this is just the drive by media doing what they do.
  5. Wheeltax

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    Or Frederick could (and by many accounts, would) have been taken before Dallas was back on the board, and they may have ended up not drafting any O-Linemen, in which case everyone would still be here complaining.

    Granted, I'm pretty sure that if Dallas somehow re-drafted Aikman, Irvin, Smith, Sanders, and the entire 1993 Offensive Line that we would still be in here complaining about ol' Jerry and this terrible draft, and that short, slow running back we got.
  6. Beast_from_East

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    Its not just the scouts that got overruled here, it is coming out Garrett and Tom C both wanted to take Floyd.

    So you got the scouts, the Director of Scouting, and your Head Coach all wanting to draft a player that is ranked #7 on their board and apparently Marinelli told Jerry its a stupid pick and don't do it.

    Why the hell are Marinelli and the Head Coach not on the same page on freaking draft day? That is the problem I got with all of this. Assistant coaches should not be one-uping the head coach when the team is on the clock.

    You think Harbaugh in SF is getting one-uped in the war room? You think his brother in Balitimore is getting one-uped? How about Hoodie up in N.E, you think an assistant is one-uping him while the Pats are on the clock?

    Don't think so. My problem is with the process that went on, not necessarily with the players that were picked.
  7. burmafrd

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    On D Lineman who's word would you take? Marinelli or Garrett? DUH.
  8. burmafrd

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    I think losing out of Max Unger has haunted Jerruh somewhat; he was not going to let that happen again. And there have been other cases where we lost someone we really wanted by only a few picks.
  9. burmafrd

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    to trade down you need someone wanting to trade up. At that time was anyone calling? When we were at 31?
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think that played a big part into it as well.

    But I will say this. Trade Down value or not...I am glad the Giants took Pugh.

    Because I think the Cowboys traded down and was hoping to get him and frankly I like Frederick better.
  11. jterrell

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    no, we likely couldn't have.

    anyone with a real working brain understands that.

    we started a wr run with williams. 3 MORE WR came off the board before 80.

    the interior ol saw cooper, warmack, pugh and long go top 20. that was insane. frederick went at 31 as the next best guy. odds of a team not selecting frederick by 47 are incredibly low.

    all this crying is because he had a r3 grade according to many teams. but teams were regularly drafting r3 grades in round 2 because they don't have 50 guys with r1 or r2 grades on their board. It isn't a reach to take the guy if he is tied for highest on your board regardless of grade.
  12. jterrell

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    Ozzie Newsome runs the draft in BMore not Harbaugh.

    But you can bet if they go out and hire a DC they give that DC a voice in defensive talent.

    If the Dallas Cowboy are wrong about Marinelli we might as well cut Romo and go home. We got no shot anyways. This guy is the DC in waiting and has more life expectancy as a Cowboy than Jason Garrett. Marinelli has been a head coach and he specializes in DL. If he didn't think taking Floyd was wise at 18 then so be it.

    The genius SF 49ers happened to pass Floyd with that same pick. Wonder why no one is freaking out they took a r2 safety who was flat burned repeatedly in 2012?
  13. mmillman

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    I don't know what bothers me more:
    "Making matters worse is the Cowboys had gone over all scenarios before the draft, including a trade back with the 49ers for the 31st pick. The in-house mock trade had them picking up a second- and a third-round pick in addition to swapping first round picks. Neither Jones nor executive vice president of player personnel Stephen Jones was in the room during the pre-draft scenario."

    or the fact they didn't listen to the scouts.

    or they didn't follow their board

    or they didn't get enough in trade for that first round pick

    or they helped the defending NFC champ with their biggest need

    or that Jerry can't stop meddling

    or that Dallas reached for a center Frederick

    or that they passed a player at 18 whom they had ranked 7
  14. Wheeltax

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    Absolutely correct

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