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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BARRYRAY, Jan 12, 2007.

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    Earlier this year he had Blalock in his top 20 but then has been bumping him down. He was on the radio saying that UT linemen are regarded as 'soft' which is why he pushed him down. His big board is how he personally ranks players, not how he thinks they will be drafted.
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    Cory Procter in the avatar.

    Last year during the draft period, the team made some comment about avoiding players from "country club" colleges.
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    that's why you sign a proven vet in FA, teams can find OGs later in the draft, don't reach in the 1st round for players, esp. freakin OGs
  4. Clove

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    You my friend, are a genius.
  5. Clove

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    If we get an OG or 2 in FA, then we can look towards other places on this team to fix. We have an all world receiving core in Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn, with Witten, a fast back, and somehow, we can't seem to get the ball to them because someone's in Romo's face all the time, so what's the cure?

    We have a great CB in Newman, a physical CB in Henry, a speedy tall FS and a play making (if left to roam ) SS in Roy Williams. But everytime we look up, the QB just simply has too much time to find these guys wide opened. A badaz pass-rush will cause fumbles/interceptions/ bad throws/ a nervous QB.

    I'll say it again, I don't care how they do it, what round they draft them in, but if you don't fix the OLINE and the pass-rush, I don't care if you drafted Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders, our defense will still suck, and our offense will still sputter.
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    i dont any way we go OG in the 1st, risk is to high. Very few rookie OL are ready to be successful in the NFL, there are exceptions, Marcus McNeil this year, but they are rare. I think you use the 1st round for your biggest skill player need, for us, I think it is a corner back to play opposite Newman. Besides, we have some young lineman on our team that might be something.. Proctor, whittley, and Mcquisten or however u spell them. Columbo is pretty young, Koiser and Andre are both fairly young too,, just Flo and Marco R are the ones that we need to replace.. MR this year , and Flo next.
  7. Cowboy4ever

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    I agree,, I think or i should say HOPE that we will be aggressive in FA for a top guard and A. Thomas. If we can get those two guys, and they produce and not throw their back out on a treadmill,, I think we solve alot of problems.
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    That guy would be a huge addition to the right side playing DE/OLB.
  9. Clove

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    I have no problems with this plan, assuming we get a FIRST CLASS pass-rusher in FA and a mauling Guard or 2 in FA or atleast on the 1st day.
  10. Cowboy4ever

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    If you want to draft a guard, I would be happy with Ben Grubbs from Auburn, he is 6'3 314lbs and a mauler. If we can get him in the 3 or 4th rounds, I would be very happy with that.
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Ben Grubbs will play regularly on Sunday's. He would be a great pick.
  12. Biggems

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    I have seen mocks where Grubbs goes anywhere from the end of the 1st to the early 3rd.....

    Blalock is awesome. I am a Texas homer and I will say that of all the OL that has come out of Texas, Blalock has the best potential to be a stud since Dan Neil.....Not only is he durable, but he is versatile, an excellent leader, a very good athlete, and a great teammate. He is definitely first round material.

    I can honestly see a team like NE salivating over Blalock...why? Cause Belichick prides himself on drafting Intelligent and Versatile players.
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    I'd like to get a pass rush. There's some leverage we have at FS with Watkins, Parrish and Henry and you can find good FS' in the second round. However, I wouldn't object to Reggie Nelson either. So I'd probably want Jarvis Moss.

    I actually may go to the draft this year.

  14. iceberg

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    i think summer would argue with you. as well as many others. : )
  15. dbair1967

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    we dont need to be using any premium picks or free agent dollars on front 7 players this yr...we have plenty of them

    instead get a coach who can maximize what is already here

    and if you are one of those who thinks the players suck, then you must also be one of those who would support a new HC too...because the current HC is picking all these players

  16. dbair1967

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    I agree...you dont use 1st rd picks on interior OL's...I hate the idea of spendng 1sts on ANY OL position

    we didnt do it in the 90's and won huge...the Pats didnt either...San Diego has one first day pick starting on their OL I think, and they have arguably one of the top 3 or 4 OL's in the league now...

    the key is having a good OL coach

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    "NO!" to any UT OL....they are labeled soft because from what I've read the UT coaching staff is nice to its players...like the parents who refuse to spank their children. Furthermore, it looks like we don't want a guard who is a monstrosity, but someone who is more agile and can pull...and for the love of all that is good, can passblock. I would expect us to cut Rivera (I hope he retires instead) and sign someone as well as find someone in the mid rounds of the draft.
    I think this offseason will be all about getting a passrusher. I could see JJ making a big push for A Thomas if the Ravens let him hit the market. I expect to see someone signed FA and several targeted in the draft. I like Anthony Spencer for one.
    I also have a sneaking suspicion that we'll either go after a CB in FA, however we have a TON of money tied up in the secondary already, or we'll use a first day draft pick. I like Aaron Ross of UT, who can also return punts. The bad part is that this year's CB crop isn't so impressive.
    Everyone thinks we will go after a backup NT but I'm not so sure. Stanley got back on the roster I believe and coaches said he looked tons better. The guy from Oakland as a FA..maybe...but I don't really see investing a first day pick on that guy since Fergi still has 2-3 good years on his tires AND he's really only a two down player...why invest too much in the backup to a two-down guy?
    What I WANT to see is us go after an offensive playmaker....Calvin Johnson, A Peterson (if he declares and drops a little), Dwayne Jarrett (just say NO to Sydney Rice) or maybe a Ted Ginn.
    The biggest push will undoubtedly and rightfully be finding another passrusher and I think that will be done via both FA and draft. OL will obviously be #2 on the list IMO. We just can't runblock well. I think we'll use FA money AND draft picks here also.
    Of course, its all for naught if we can't find D and O Coord's who are worth spit and get BP to let go of some of the controls. I'm okay with Al Groh on D....BP needs to quit calling the plays on O though too. He's a relic.
  18. jazzcat22

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    Why should that have anything to do with it. Give him more credit than that.
  19. Biggems

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    Blalock is a stud....the best OL prospect to come out of UT since Dan Neil...if you watched enough UT games, and I have...watched all but one every year (one is always on PPV, usually against a crap non-conference team)...Blalock is a badass mofo (pardon the language mods)....

    If I could draft 1 lineman in the draft and only one.....it would be Blalock and I am not saying that because I am a UT Homer....I am saying that because he is a special player.

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