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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dannyboy, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Trade our 1st (18), 2nd (49), and 3rd(80) for the Jets 1st (29), 2nd (35), 3rd (71) and 4th (101)
    Thought process - Cutler falls to 18 and the Jets want him as they took Ferguson earlier

    Trade 2nd (35) and 5th for SD 2nd (50) and 3rd (81)
    Thought process - Eric Winton falls to 35 and SD want him

    29-Carpender-OLB-Ohio St
    50-Ko Simpson-FS-US
    71-David Joseph-OG-UG
    81- Jonathan Scott-OT-TX
    101-Rod Wright-DT-TX
    6th -WR
    6th -CB
    7th -LB

    Wouldn't it be beautiful.........

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    I would not have a problem with any ot this assuming it all worked out. Problem being chances of it working out are slim and none. JMO of course.
  3. Clove

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    So all we do is gain a 4, and move up in the 2nd?

    Not bad...
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    It is more likely that if we give up our pick to fall back that far that we would get the other team's first rounder next year instead of swapping a gazillion picks around. Now, if we could get the Jets first round pick next year, I'd be doing backflips. That promises to be a top 5 selection again.

    David Harrell - Pokes
  5. Clove

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    In this case, let's trade out of the 1st to the Jets spot in the 2nd, and get that next years 1st, and a 4. That would give us the amunition to go after a Stud WR or a Stud QB next year.

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