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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Marktui, Jan 17, 2005.

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    Is there a good daft website. All the ones that I go to that look like it has good info is a paysite, are there any good free ones out there?
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    Here is a great site with multiple pro drafting sites... lots of mock drafts.


    Also see the main web-page for extra stuff... really comprehensive!

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    Good forum and rankings. Some of the Mocks are very good, in my opinion, but should be updated to remove underclassmen who didn't declare:

    Pay site, but the forums and Rob's Rankings with profiles are very good. You used to be able to get around the membership requirement by searching for a prospect, but no more.


    Very good profiles:

    Okay profiles on the top five prospects at each position, plus occassional write ups on specific players:

    Once their season ends, they get into it:

    Not really a draft site, but ranks players regardless of graduating class:
    http://www.n2fl.com/NFL Draft/Draft.htm

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