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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 1, 2011.

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    He's just one of the sources I use but I'll really miss their draft section. I don't know why they'd get rid of it. Makes no sense considering how popular the NFL Draft has become.
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    Oh, sometime I'll explain to you just how that section worked. I was actually interning with Gary Horton when he was part of it at it's height and even then it was on the way down.

    They tried to assemble a all star cast, problem was when you got too many cooks in the kitchen that wanted to make their own meal and could not agree on taste you just ended up with a food fight.

    Really the downfall of the War Room was Editorial differences between management and staff, staff and staff, management and management and then when advertisers got involved, they teamed with AOL and brought on Fox it just all blew up.
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    Agreed. Lande is atrocious.
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    Didnt see this site listed in this section. If you go to the 2012 draft tab and click on scouting reports there is some fairly in depth scouting reports on a lot of guys. And they are continuously adding more. Highly recommend it for a good read up on some guys you havent seen play much.
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    Monday NFL Draft links to click
    by Dan Kadar on Feb 20, 2012 8:01 AM EST

    Note go to bottom of page for more draft links, some we have, some we dont have posted:

    Appleton Post Crescent - Wisconsin center Peter Konz looks like good prospect for NFL Draft
    It was a harrowing experience for Peter Konz. Early in fourth quarter of the Wisconsin-Minnesota game on Nov. 12, the 6-foot-5, 315-pound Badgers center was blocking for Heisman Trophy finalist running back Montee Ball when a Golden Gophers linebacker tackled Ball and they landed on the back of Konz's legs.

    Atlanta Journal Constitution - NFL Draft a waiting game for Falcons
    Now’s the time for the Falcons to pay up on the Julio Jones deal. The franchise mortgaged part of the 2012 draft class (their first- and fourth-round picks) in the mega-deal with Cleveland to move up 21 spots last year.
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    Your wisdom in this matter is being sot. Lead us to the promise land of good draft choises/mocks.;) :bow: :laugh2:
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    If you can handle the scenery, hailredskins has a pretty extensive mock draft database.

    However, the 1st link in the OP does as well so there's no real need for nausea.
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    This isn't advertising. Clearly you guys missed our site.

    Please add us, thanks. :laugh2:
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    Any war room cams
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    nationalfootballpost.com is also a real good site once the off season gets underway.
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    Anybody know of a site that ranks the players and allows you to drag and drop players into mock?
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    Other than having the Cowboys draft out of place and Donald not even in the 1st round? Koni Ealy at 11? wow. Need to update at least once a month.
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    I was a huge fan of couchscout as a member and had the utmost respect for him here. I don't know if this is his site or not but it is really hard to read and I couldn't disagree more with many of the analysis I saw there. I started on DE's and couldn't bring myself to look at more.

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    Is there an English version?
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