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    Yikes..some of those rankings.

    Nick Perry #1 safety???
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    great thread, i have to admit i'm addicted to the fanspeak.com mock draft simulator. I don't think their player rankings are that good but I was able to get a killer draft today. I'm a little disappointed DE/DT Preston Smith isn't anywhere to be found though.
    1) DE Fowler Jr.
    2) DT Brown
    3) WR Lockett
    4) CB Grant
    5) DT Jarrett
    7a) LB AJ Johnson
    7b) OT Havenstein
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    This one is my favorite. Splices whole games into just plays the player you want is in on. Sometimes it will highlight them preplay if they move a bit.
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    1.NFL Draft Countdown-Website owner Scott Wright continues to impress with a site that is very functional, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and continues to provide some of the best draft information that you can find.Scott’s layout is very functional and the information is extremely accurate and helpful to anyone who is interested in learning more about the NFL draft.When looking at this site, I felt that the best part of the site was the mock draft.The website’s mock drafts are always well put together, full of information and some of the best mock drafts out there. The pop ups are annoying though.

    2.Walter Football-If you want a lot of great information all in one place (and consistently updated) you need to look no further than Walterfootball.com.Site Owner Walter Cherepinsky has taken a ton of information and put it all into one place where it’s easy to find and simple to understand.Some of the better features of this site include the in depth player profiles that Walter provides along with mailbag pages, mock drafts and other interesting information.The player profiles are the best feature of this website and are some of the most detailed on the internet.

    3.The Football Expert-Owner Michael Abromowitz long time website has condensed itself a little bit but still provides some of the best draft information on the internet.The Football Expert site provides detailed information on every prospect in the draft and their position rankings (which are the best feature on the site) are some of the best on the web.Also featured are detailed player profiles that are some of the best on the web.This is one of the easiest sites to navigate and is consistently updated.

    4.Great Blue North Draft Report-The GBN Report, owned by Colin Lindsay, is one of the most well updated sites on the internet keeping its readers informed of the latest happenings in both college and professional football.This site features several different draft related features including a detailed positional rankings and a picks by team board that is very easy to understand.The site is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye as well.

    5.NFL Draft Dog-With some of the most up to date content on the internet NFL Draft Dog is turning out to be one of the most reliable and timely draft sites on the internet thanks to owner Robert Bryant’s timely updates.Some of the features of this site that help to make it one of the best NFL Draft sites on the internet include the detailed player profiles for many of the prospects coming out in the 2010 NFL Draft.There are also several mock drafts posted to this site and these are constantly updated which is very nice.This site has come a long way and continues to delve into new and interesting areas in both the NFL and College football.

    6.Football’s Future-This site continues to impress a lot of people thanks to it’s easy to navigate layout, its graphics and the information that it provides.The best feature of this website is its extensive team needs columns that appear to updated on a regular basis and they are very well detailed.The site also has a place where you can post your mock draft and have other people comment on it.It’s a simple easy to navigate website with lots of great information.

    7.New Era Scouting-This site has come a long ways since first coming to the web and now is one of the most informative draft website on the internet.Owner Matt Miller has added some of the great features of this website including a very easy to navigate layout that is very easy to understand and very pleasing to the eye.They also have very detailed scouting reports that are easy to understand along with rankings for every player in the draft.The best thing about this site is its updates including updates (daily) at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine.This is definitely one of the top sites on the web and is getting better all the time.

    8.Draft Daddy-The Draft Daddy website has remained one of the better draft websites for a long time thanks to owner Matt Bitoni.Some of the best features of this site include consistently updated information, updated mock drafts along with very detailed player rankings which are the best feature of this site.Also included are up to date team pages and a great listing of small school sleepers.The best part of this site is its player rankings and blog.

    9.Draft Ace-This site provides its readers with a simple and easy site to navigate and one of the best mock drafts on the web.The best feature of this site is its consistent Twitter updates which keep its reader informed about all of the latest happenings relating to the NFL draft.Owner Ryan McCrystal has made graphics that are very nice, the links all work and the site is consistently updated.This is clearly one of the better draft sites on the web.

    10.Draft Breakdown-The Draftbreakdown website is one of the most pleasing to look at and easiest to navigate of all the sites listed in this top ten.Owner Will Spencer uses a nice mix of colors and graphics to make it an enjoyable read.Some of the great features of this site include updated and solid prospect rankings along with prospect profiles that are the site’s best feature.The information is fresh and consistently updated and the site is very easy to navigate.
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    I've removed the broken links and sites not operating. If they were just down tonite then post here and I'll edit the OP and add it/them.

    If you know good sites not listed then post here or http://cowboyszone.com/threads/new-draft-sites-please-help-update-the-sticky-via-hos.317000/

    EDIT: Just put any new websites here and not the link. And please limit this thread to websites and brief discussions of them. I don't want the thread cluttered with player discussion. Thanks.
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    If you have Google Chrome, and create an account, all of your bookmarks are saved in the cloud so you will never lose them again. Hope it helps! :)
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    Shaq Thompson sure is an interesting player
  14. Alexander

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    Do not see that. I see Gurley as #42.

    Scary part is they are tops with the Huddle Report in terms of top 100 rankings.
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    Please, limit your discussions here to the websites themselves and not the players. Otherwise we'll bury the websites in the clutter. Thanks.
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    I tend to go to several to try and find a consensus among the different sites. See how each site is grading players out and what that player’s strength and weakness are.
    As for mock drafts I find them entertaining but never but any stock outside of the top 5 picks
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    I half a view about some off those sites. Many is good.
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    thx Hos.
    We need you here in these trying times.
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    Please add http://www.sports-reference.com/ to the list. This site has been absolutely essential in a lot of my comparisons both on college and professional players. It's also a valuable asset if you're interested in stats for other sports as well.

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